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Promotion of Risk Management

Last updated : August 12, 2021

NTT has established Risk Management Rules stipulating basic policies on risk management with the aims of, among others, anticipating and preventing the materialization of potential risks and minimizing losses if any risk materializes. Chaired by a senior executive vice president, the Business Risk Management Committee spearheads efforts to develop and operate a PDCA cycle for managing risks. During the fiscal year ended March 31, 2021, the committee held one meeting during which discussions involved identifying risks that could potentially have a Companywide impact, policies for managing such risks, and other such matters. NTT has also formulated the NTT Group Business Risk Management Manual, and distributed it to each Group company, in order to facilitate Group-wide risk management initiatives. On the basis of the manual, which stipulates matters that include proactive measures for potential risks, collaborative Group-wide approaches and policies for addressing risks that materialize, and pathways for communicating information, systems have been developed and implemented that enable swift action to be taken.

Identification of Risks / Specified Material Risks

From time to time, NTT reviews assumed risks and management policies based on changes in the social environment. In the identification of risks, the Business Risk Management Committee plays the central role.

Analysis processes for the risks faced by NTT Group are formulated, and risk analysis is periodically implemented in accordance with these processes. In this way, Companywide risks are identified. In addition, correlation analyses are implemented for these risks. Those risks with the potential to have the greatest influence are specified as "material risks," and countermeasures are formulated.

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