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Shareholders' Meetings

Last updated : September 20, 2016

Primary concerns of shareholders and basic approaches of the company at The 31st Ordinary General Shareholders' Meeting

1. The Aim of the Hikari Collaboration Model


The Hikari Collaboration Model is a new business model under which NTT East and NTT West offer the wholesale provision of fiber-optic access services, which was traditionally provided directly to end users, to service providers, who then combine the fiber-optic access services with their own services and products to provide new value-added services. NTT believes the Hikari Collaboration Model will lead not only to a reduction of sales-related costs, but will enable the provision of various types of services to its customers.

2. Approach on Research and Development Investment


In order to achieve NTT's Medium-Term Management Strategy, NTT has been engaged in the development of technology that promotes new value creation through collaborations with other businesses, inspires deep emotions and provides new experiences, and, looking ahead to the future, has been engaged in cutting edge research, while also engaging in cost reduction efforts such as network simplification.

3. Training Policy of NTT's Engineers


NTT Group has been working to further support its engineers' training by helping them acquire various international engineering licenses. In addition, NTT has been proactively participating in communities where technical experts from around the world gather. NTT has also dispatched its up-and-coming engineers to NTT Group's overseas subsidiaries in order to better understand cutting edge global businesses. NTT Group considers the training of its engineers as an important factor in growing and developing its business, and will continue to focus on such efforts.

4. Nomination Policy of Members of the Board


NTT nominates its Members of the Board from a wide range of individuals from both within and outside of NTT Group, focusing on those who possess the wide vision and experience that will contribute to the future development of NTT Group, a high level of management knowledge and leadership skills, a good sense of management, and a strong will. NTT will consider the balance of the individual's areas of expertise and diversity, and will conduct management as "Team NTT."

5. NTT Shareholdings of Foreign Institutional Investors


NTT shareholdings of foreign institutional investors have been gradually increasing. As indicated in NTT's Medium-Term Management Strategy, "Towards the Next Stage 2.0," NTT considers the continued expansion of its business results as an attainable goal, and believes that this goal is highly regarded by its foreign institutional investors.

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