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Shareholders' Meetings

Last updated : December 13, 2017

Primary concerns of shareholders and basic approaches of the company at the 32nd Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

1. Global business


NTT's global business is steadily progressing through, among other things, record annual cross-selling order volumes (collaboration among NTT group companies) resulting in overseas sales of $0.94 billion. Reaching NTT's medium-term financial targets of $22 billion in annual overseas sales and operating income of $1.5 billion will be difficult, but NTT is working to reach those levels of as soon as it can by accelerating its group-wide efforts, including strengthening group-wide delivery collaboration and its global account activities.

2. Appointment of Female Directors and Managers


NTT Group is implementing efforts to promote the empowerment of women in the workforce with diversity as a one of the pillars of its business. NTT currently has 60 female directors in NTT Group companies in Japan, including the NTT holding company, and will continue to work to further increase the number of female directors. In December 2013, NTT announced its plan to double the ratio of its female managers and hopes to accomplish this goal by 2020. The number of female managers as of the end of March 31, 2012 was 700 and the number of female managers as of the end of March 31, 2017 was 1,190. NTT will continue its efforts to reach its goal.

3. Outside Independent Directors


NTT maintains the Company with the Board of Company Auditors model, and its Members of the Board is composed of twelve directors, of whom two are outside independent directors, and its Audit & Supervisory Board is composed of five Audit & Supervisory Board Members, of whom three are outside independent Audit & Supervisory Board Members. Of NTT's 17 directors, five are outside independent directors, and they serve to strengthen the ability to audit and supervise NTT's business operations and to ensure the fair audit of the Board's business operations. NTT will also continue to strengthen its corporate governance, an initiative that is a major pillar of its business operations.

4. Shareholder Returns and Dividends


n addition to the maximization of corporate value over the medium- to long- term, NTT has identified the return of profits to shareholders as an important management goal. NTT considers cash dividends as the principal pillar of shareholder returns and determines the level of dividends while giving consideration to stability and sustainability, and takes into account a full range of factors, including business performance, financial standing and dividend payout ratio. NTT also conducts stock repurchases as another measure of shareholder returns, and will continue aiming to reach its earnings per share targets and improve capital efficiency with agility and resilience, while considering business and market trends.

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