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Shareholders' Meetings

Last updated : September 13, 2018

Primary concerns of shareholders and basic approaches of the company at the 33rd Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

1. Global business expansion and accompanying promotion of diversity


While recognizing differences between individuals, nationalities and ideas, we believe that the essence of diversity is unifying core principles. As we promote diversity, we will also continue to work to expand our global business, such as by promoting collaborations amongst companies we have acquired. Furthermore, although the appointment of non-Japanese citizens as directors or corporate auditors is not permitted under the NTT Act, we will continue to advance the promotion of female officers going forward.

2. Measures for Communications Equipment during Large-Scale Disasters


Drawing from our past experiences with large-scale disasters, we are working on various disaster measures to be able to continuously provide safe and secure services in our position of responsibility for information communications. Specifically, we have been advancing the relocation of communications buildings to higher ground and creating duplicate and backup transmission lines, among other measures. With respect to the problem of maintaining a power supply, which has frequently occurred in recent disasters, we have set up batteries and electric generators in preparation for long-term power outages. We also entered into a memorandum of understanding in 2016 with relevant organizations in order to secure fuel sources for power supplies in the event of a disaster. Bearing in mind our responsibility to protect everyone's communications, we will continue to work to make improvements going forward as well.

3. Migration of Fixed Voice Phones to IP and Improvement of Income from Fixed Voice Related Business


Although there has been a reduction in fixed voice phones due to the migration to mobile phones and other services, there are currently approximately 20,000,000 fixed voice lines in use for our fixed voice related services. Going forward, we will work to improve income in the fixed voice related business though cost reductions from migration to the IP network.

4. Treatment of Non-Regular Employees


In the course of our business, both regular employees and contract employees work together while carrying out their respective roles. Over the past six years, NTT Group has changed approximately 20,000 non-regular employees to contract employees with indefinite-term contracts, and plans to continue the trend in the current fiscal year by converting approximately 18,000 non-regular employees to contract employees with indefinite-term contracts.

5. Work-Style Reform Initiatives


NTT Group has issued the NTT Group Work-Style Reform Declaration, and we are promoting efforts that include not only NTT Group but also its related business partners. We have established guidelines, such as not having late-night work but rather having employees leave work at scheduled times, and at the same time will continue to implement process improvements and work systemization.

6. Stock Price and Shareholder Returns


We view it as the responsibility of our management to carry out business strategies, such as growing profits in our global business, strengthening the profitability of our domestic network service and promoting the B2B2X model, in order to improve our business results and corporate value and to achieve the steady increase of our stock price. In the past six years, we have achieved EPS growth of approximately 2.5x. We also plan to establish targets for enhancing shareholder returns in the new medium-term management strategy scheduled to be announced this autumn.

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