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Long Distance and International Communications Business

In the Long Distance and International Communications Business Segment, in addition to enhancing our ability to provide ICT solutions, which combine network, security and other services, we worked to enhance our service provision in growth areas such as cloud services and IT outsourcing.


Business Activities:

Long-distance telecommunications operations in Japan, international telecommunications business, solutions business, and related businesses

Major Services:

Cloud services, data center services, migration support services, and other services

Competitive Advantages:

  • Comprehensive solutions from application to IT infrastructure
  • Global coverage
  • Strong customer engagement

Main Companies

NTT, Inc.
(Global holding company)

Main businesses

Governance, strategy planning, and policy promotion for the global business of NTT Group

Composition by Segment for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2020


  • In order to respond to demand for cloud services and data centers, we worked to enhance our service provision structure. In Europe, we began operating Netherlands Amsterdam 1 Data Center and Germany Frankfurt 4 Data Center, while in Asia, we began construction of Indonesia Jakarta 3 Data Center.
  • Together with Mizuho Financial Group, Inc., Mizuho Bank, Ltd., and Mizuho Information & Research Institute, Inc., we jointly developed a voice recognition system, a tool which automates the entry of transaction data for market instruments by utilizing voice recognition and processing technology, text mining, and RPA. Mizuho Bank has begun using the system in its market banking operations.


GIGA School Pack for Helping Supply a Computer for Every Student

NTT Communications has teamed up with Lenovo (Japan) Ltd. to develop the GIGA School Pack, which combines educational-use computers for elementary and junior high school students with the Manabi Pocket, a cloud-based education support platform to support the GIGA School Scheme* aimed at helping supply a computer for every student. Applications for this service have been accepted since March 2020. We will look to promote digital transformations at educational institutions by providing the GIGA School Pack to elementary and junior high schools across Japan going forward.

*Scheme aimed at helping supply every student with a computer and to develop high-speed, high-capacity communication networks in an integrated manner to ensure schools across Japan can continue to provide equal and individually optimized learning environments on into the future

Direct Access via Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute from Berlin 1 Data Center

A Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute connection point allowing for direct access to Microsoft Azure has been installed in the Berlin 1 Data Center of NTT Ltd. The ability to access Azure directly without passing through a standard Internet connection makes it possible for customers to establish hybrid clouds with increased levels of safety and reliability. This connection point can be accessed by customers using our data centers in the EMEA region.


ICT solution

ICT is an acronym for "information and communication technology" and refers to forms of communication that utilize telecommunications technology. This term refers not only to information processing, but collectively to industries and services that utilize telecommunications technologies such as the Internet. A method that uses ICT to solve social issues in any field, such as industry, education, agriculture, or regional revitalization, is referred to as an ICT solution.

Cloud services

Cloud services provide computer resources (services) gathered in data centers to third parties (users) as a remote service through broadband lines via the Internet or other networks. Users may not be able to identify the location of the computer resources used to provide these services.

IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing refers to the practice of outsourcing tasks related to computer and Internet technologies, such as management programs for companies.