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Others (Real Estate, Energy and Others)

Others include the real estate business, energy business and others.


Business Activities:

Real estate business, energy business and others.

Main Companies

Results for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2022


We provided services related to real estate business and energy business, etc.

Details of Main Initiatives

Real Estate Business

  • Primarily through NTT Urban Solutions, Inc., a company that centralizes the functions of the NTT Group's real estate business, we promoted office and retail operations, residential operations, and the global business. We took steps to contribute to urban development in local communities, such as by completing construction of a next-generation advanced office in Nagoya that contributes to regional revitalization, the achievement of SDGs, and decarbonization in January 2022.

Energy Business

  • Centering on the activities of NTT Anode Energy Corporation, which promotes smart energy business, we worked to promote initiatives toward achieving NTT Group's new environment and energy vision (NTT Green Innovation toward 2040), including the development of renewable energy power plants, expanded utilization of NTT Group's assets, and deployment of decarbonization solutions, and worked toward realization of NTT Group and society becoming carbon neutral, local energy production and consumption, and strengthening resilience.