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Others (Real Estate, Energy and Others)

Others include the real estate business, energy business and others.


Business Activities:

Real estate business, energy business and others.

Main Companies

Results for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2024


We provided services related to real estate business and energy business, etc.

Details of Main Initiatives

[Real Estate Business]

Primarily through NTT Urban Solutions, a company that centralizes the functions of NTT Group's real estate business, we promoted office and retail operations, residential operations, and the global business. In March 2024, we opened URBANNET SENDAI-CHUO BUILDING in Sendai. Outfitted with one of the largest high functionality office floors in the area on the west side of Sendai Station, a work space that accommodates diverse working styles, and open spaces and terraces aimed at promoting new vibrancy and pedestrian circulation in the city center, it is the first property of the Sendai Metropolitan Center Rebuilding Project promoted by Sendai City.

[Energy Business]

NTT Anode Energy, a company that handles the NTT Group's energy business, has worked with NTT Group companies and various other partners to promote achievement of a decarbonized society through the use of renewable energy and local production for local consumption of energy. In December 2023, the company began building an energy distribution platform aimed at facilitating the adoption of renewable energy and stabilizing the electricity supply and demand. Going forward, this company will continue its commitment to the stable provision of renewable energy.

Evaluation by Society

    • EP100 EV100

      NTT is the first telecommunications operator to become a member of global initiatives to make smarter use of energy, “EP100” and “EV100” (Oct. 2018)

    • CSDE

      Established a council to promote secure digital economy together with multi-national companies

    • FTSE4Good
    • FTSE Blossom Japan