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Others (Real Estate, Energy and Others)

Others include the real estate business, energy business and others.


Business Activities:

Real estate business, energy business and others.

Main Companies

Results for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2022


Agreement on a Development Plan for the Hoenzaka-kita Specified Block (former location of NTT West's head office)

NTT West, NTT Urban Solutions, and NTT Urban Development have agreed on the basic development details for the Hoenzaka Kita Specified Block, an Osaka Urban Planning Specified Block that includes the former location of the NTT West's head office (3-15 Babamachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City), based on an urban planning decision by Osaka City. This urban zone is located between Osaka Castle Park and Remains of Naniwa-no- Miya Palace Park, and it offers a panoramic view of Osaka Castle and downtown Osaka. Taking advantage of the relocation of NTT West's head office, this uncommon location will be used to develop a pedestrian space featuring lush greenery and a high-class hotel with highadded value. (Scheduled to open in Spring 2025)

Off-site PPA to Bring Renewable Energy to DOCOMO Buildings that House Network Equipment

By utilizing an off-site corporate PPA* (hereinafter "offsite PPA") mechanism,.starting April 2022, NTT DOCOMO and NTT Anode Energy (hereinafter "NTT AE") introduced power derived from renewable energy, procured from NTT AE's newly constructed solar power plant, into the NTT DOCOMO Okayama Building, which houses network facilities. This will be the first time for DOCOMO to implement an off-site PPA and is part of the company's efforts to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to virtually zero by 2030. The new solar power plant, which will supply electrical power exclusively to DOCOMO, will ensure that the company has stable, long-term access to power even if Japan's energy market ever becomes unstable. Greenhouse gas emissions (including non-fossil certificates) at the NTT DOCOMO Okayama Building, where the new system will be installed,are expected to be reduced by approximately 10,000 tons per year.

DOCOMO and NTT AE will continue to make full use of NTT Group's assets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to the carbon neutrality of society as a whole.

*Corporate PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) is a scheme in which electricity users conclude contracts with power generation business operators to procure electricity derived from renewable energy sources over the long term. Off-site PPA, an abbreviation of Off-site Corporate PPA, involves the use of power generation facilities in locations removed from users (the NTT DOCOMO Okayama Building in this case) to supply them with electricity through the power grid.

NTT Anode Energy Power Plant (Tottori City)

NTT Anode Energy Power Plant (Tottori City)

Key Initiatives

Urban Development Vision

NTT Urban Solutions supports every city's goal of creating unique, vibrant urban environments based on the four values below. This will help to achieve the SDGs and bring bout Society 5.0, which entails helping to balance economic development in local communities with solutions to social issues and creating a human-centered society where people can enjoy comfortable, stimulating, and high-quality lifestyles.

Community Provide attractive spaces and offerings to create unique and vibrant communities
Innovation Use cutting-edge technology to contribute to addressing issues in urban spaces, creating new industries, and improving corporate productivity.
Diversity Develop an urban environment that accommodates the diverse lifestyles of people who gather, work, and live there
Resilience Create cities where people can live with peace of mind with a reduced impact on the environment and disaster resilience

Smart Energy Business

NTT Anode Energy will promote the smart energy business.

Green Power Generation Business Strengthen capability to develop renewable energy power plants
Regional Grid Business Expand the use of NTT's assets to enhance local production and consumption of renewable energy and resilience
Consumer Energy Business Promote carbon neutrality among customers by offering decarbonization solutions
Construction/Maintenance Operations Business Improve quality and efficiency by strengthening power engineering functions (construction, maintenance, and monitoring)