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Web171 Disaster Message Board

This is a message board for posting and checking safety status and other information in text format over the Internet.

When an earthquake or other disaster strikes, people living in the affected areas (including evacuation centers etc.) can access the Web171 Disaster Message BoardOpen other window via the Internet to post text messages using a phone number as a key. These text messages can be checked from anywhere (including overseas) using a phone number as a key, and additional text messages can be posted. Notifications of posted messages can also be automatically sent.*

*Up to 10 e-mail addresses can be registered as auto-notify contacts. One phone number can be registered as a voice auto-notify contact. Note that certain telephone numbers, including international telephone numbers, Free Dial and other collect call numbers, 110, 119 and other special service numbers, cannot be registered as auto-notify contacts.

▼ For details of services, please see:

*Japanese version only