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Global Solutions Business

The principal services in the Global Solutions Business are system integration services, network system services, cloud services, global data center services, and related services.


Business Activities:

System integration services, network system services, cloud services, global data center services, and related services, etc.

Major Services:

Cloud services, global data center services, managed services, and System integration services, etc.

Main Companies

Results for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2022


Reorganization for Strengthening Global Business

NTT Corporation, the global holding company of the NTT Group, and its wholly owned subsidiary NTT Limited, which operates the global telecommunications business, will transfer from October 2022 to the NTT DATA umbrella to integrate the global businesses operated under NTT, Inc. and NTT Ltd. with the global businesses of the NTT DATA Group.

By bringing NTT Group's global human resources together, we will achieve prompt decision-making that is compatible with business and customer characteristics in each overseas region and enhance our global governance.

Initiatives to Expand the Data Center Business

We aim to further expand our data center business through collaboration with partners and enhancing investment efficiency. As part of this, NTT Global Data Center Corporation and Tokyo Century Corporation have started cooperation in the operation of data center business in India. In addition, NTT and Macquarie Asset Management have agreed to enter into a strategic partnership for NTT's data centers in Europe and North America, enabling rapid business expansion in these two key regions of the data center business.

We will continue to provide high-quality services to domestic and overseas companies by maximizing investment efficiency and making further growth investments in the data center business in the globally expanding DX market.

Order Received for an Anti-Money Laundering System for Japan Post Bank

Development of an anti-money laundering system for Japan Post Bank began in July 2021, and service is slated to launch in 2024. The system will have four functions: monitoring, risk rating, screening, and customer management. It will combine strict transaction monitoring with the flexibility to adapt to regulatory changes to prevent money laundering and financing of terrorism. This will secure the performance necessary for Japan Post Bank, which has the largest number of accounts and customers in Japan, to continue providing services for a large number of transactions.

Key Initiatives

NTT DATA New Medium-Term Plan Overview

Based on the outlook of the business environment and the challenges it faces, NTT DATA has formulated a Medium- Term Management Plan for fiscal years 2022 through 2025. As a Trusted Global Innovator, NTT DATA Group aims to create value for the future and achieve a sustainable society along with its customers by forging connections between various people and technology.

Overall Strategy
  • Create new services by fusing IT and connectivity
  • Strengthen consulting capabilities rooted in foresight
  • Evolving toward an asset-based business model
  • Enhance system development technologies and ability to utilize advanced technologies
  • Maximize human resource and organizational capabilities