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Protection of Personal Information

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation(NTT) will strive to protect personal information, in accordance with the "NTT Group Information Security Policy" and the "Customer Personal Information Protection Policy", "Joint use of information relating to procurement business partners" and "Shareholder Personal Information Protection Policy" indicated below.

Further, NTT will strive to protect individual numbers, in accordance with the "Protection Policy Regarding Specific Personal Information etc. of Business Partners etc." and "Protection Policy Regarding Specific Personal Information etc. of Shareholders".

Please note that NTT is a holding company, and therefore does not provide telecommunications services to any customer. For the handling of personal information in relation to the provision of services etc., and for inquiries related thereto, please see the homepage of the companies providing the relevant services to you and inquire with the point of contact of such companies. (For inquiries with the major NTT group companies concerning personal information, please use the following links.)