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Integrated ICT Business

The principal services in the Integrated ICT Business are mobile phone services, domestic inter-prefectural communications services, international communications services, solutions services, and system development services and related services.


Business Activities:

Mobile phone services, Domestic inter-prefectural communications services, International communications services, Solutions services, and System development services and related services.

Major Services:

Mobile telecommunications services, docomo Hikari, etc.

Main Company

Results for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2024


In the Integrated ICT Business, we advanced initiatives including the further expansion of the enterprise business and discontinuous growth through M&A in the smart life business, while strengthening the customer base by expanding billing plans to support customer needs in the consumer telecommunications business.

Details of Main Initiatives

In July 2023, we started a collaboration with TAKENAKA CORPORATION and SHIMIZU CORPORATION to leverage digitalization to improve the productivity of the entire construction management operations that link processes and work.

In April 2023, we began offering the video streaming platform Lemino, which allows followers to connect to each other by sharing impressions and reviews and makes it easy to find content they want to watch.

In addition to promoting M&A, our website "docomo smart insurance navi®" began handling life insurance and health insurance that can be signed up to on the Internet--provided by HANASAKU LIFE INSURANCE Co., Ltd.--in August 2023. In collaboration with Insurance Co., Ltd., we began offering docomo Automobile Insurance in January 2024.

In response to diversifying customer needs, we began offering the affordable "irumo" billing plan, which is aimed at customers with low data usage volumes, and "eximo" plan, which caters for up to unlimited data usage, in July 2023.

Number of Subscriptions for Major Services

〇"Mobile telecommunications services": 89.94 million subscriptions (increase of 2.45 million year-on-year)
  (Included in the above) "5G contracts": 29.74 million subscriptions (increase of 9.14 million year-on-year)

Evaluation by Society

    • EP100 EV100

      NTT is the first telecommunications operator to become a member of global initiatives to make smarter use of energy, “EP100” and “EV100” (Oct. 2018)

    • CSDE

      Established a council to promote secure digital economy together with multi-national companies

    • FTSE4Good
    • FTSE Blossom Japan