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Integrated ICT Business

The principal services in the Integrated ICT Business are mobile phone services, domestic inter-prefectural communications services, international communications services, solutions services, and system development services and related services.


Business Activities:

Mobile phone services, Domestic inter-prefectural communications services, International communications services, Solutions services, and System development services and related services.

Major Services:

Mobile telecommunications services, docomo Hikari, etc.

Main Company

Results for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2023


In the Integrated ICT Business, with the start of a new structure as the newly formed DOCOMO Group, we advanced initiatives to create the three major synergies of expansion of the enterprise business, more competitive network, and strengthening the power of service creation and development and promoting DX, while also promoting sales of 5G services.

Details of Main Initiatives

In June 2022, to meet the needs of customers seeking affordable options for their main plan, we began providing "ahamo Omori" plan. In November 2022, we began making our network more energy efficient by improving the sleep function of our base stations, and in February 2023, we began providing environmentally friendly smartphones that use recycled materials.

In July 2022, we launched the personal loan service "d Smartphone Loan," and in September 2022, we launched the "Smart Anshin Hoshou," which expanded the scope of coverage of our existing device protection services. Furthermore, to expand our business sectors in the smart life business, we promoted marketing solutions using big data.

In September 2022, we launched "Anshin Manager NEXT," a device management service that provides security measures for various lines and devices and enhances operational efficiency. Furthermore, in addition to our existing solutions in the enterprise business, we worked to provide integrated solutions combining mobile solutions and applications.

Number of Subscriptions for Major Services

〇 "Mobile telecommunications services": 87.50 million subscriptions (increase of 2.74 million year-on-year)

 (Included in the above) "5G contracts": 20.60 million subscriptions (increase of 9.07 million year-on-year)