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Integrated ICT Business

The principal services in the Integrated ICT Business are mobile phone services, domestic inter-prefectural communications services, international communications services, solutions services, and system development services and related services.


Business Activities:

Mobile phone services, Domestic inter-prefectural communications services, International communications services, Solutions services, and System development services and related services.

Major Services:

Mobile telecommunications services, docomo Hikari, etc.

Main Company

Results for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2022


Launched SmartPRO®, a Data Collection Service that Improves the Accuracy of Clinical Trial Evaluations

SmartPRO® (hereinafter "the Service"), which increases the accuracy of clinical trial evaluations conducted by pharmaceutical companies and research institutions, was launched on May 20, 2022.

This service is an ePRO*2 that digitizes subjective evaluations (hereinafter "PRO"*1) obtained directly from subjects and patients, and allows subjects and patients to relay their condition, such as "pain" or "feeling ill," from their own smartphones. Pharmaceutical companies and research institutions can view and download patient and subject PROs on the Service. In addition, a logbook function that allows subjects and patients to record all health-related data after the clinical trial as well will be provided as part of the Service by the end of FY2022. We will also consider new healthcare services that contribute to improving subjects' and patients' quality of life by safely and securely utilizing the data collected by the Service.

Through the Service, we will strive to achieve Smart Healthcare that uses digital technology to contribute to the development of healthcare.

  1. A PRO (Patient Reported Outcome) is a subjective evaluation of progress and symptoms obtained directly from subjects or patients during clinical trials.
  2. An ePRO (electric patient-reported-outcome) are PROs that are filled out and collected electronically.el

Launched XR World®, a Multi-device Metaverse

XR World®, a multi-device metaverse where visitors can casually enjoy communication in a virtual space full of excitement and surprises, became available on March 31, 2022. XR World is a service that allows customers to enjoy a wide range of entertainment content*1, including music, animation, and dance, as well as sports, education, and sightseeing, while communicating with one another through avatars in a virtual space. This service can be enjoyed for free*2 with the exception of some content, and can be used within a web browser without the need to install an application*3. This means users can easily experience the metaverse from a smartphone, tablet or PC without a dedicated HMD (head-mounted display).

  1. The service began offering different genres of music on March 31, 2022, and it will gradually expand to include other genres.
  2. Basic services are free of charge, but some content is available for a fee.
  3. Implemented using HIKKY Corporation's VR content development engine, "Vket Cloud."

Launch of Stand-alone 5G Service

DOCOMO has launched standalone "5G SA"*1 as an optional service for customers who subscribe to DOCOMO's 5G-compatible rate plans beginning August 2022.

DOCOMO will support the use of 5G SA smartphones, and in addition to the Sub-6 band (3.7 GHz/4.5 GHz band), will begin providing support for the 28 GHz millimeter wave frequency band. The communication speed*2 reaches a maximum of 4.9 Gbps for receiving and 1.1 Gbps for sending, with both maximum values exceeding 1 Gbps.

We will continue to develop new services and technologies through 5G SA, such as making the service even faster and providing services and corporate solutions that make use of network slicing technology*3, a 5G SA feature, as part of our goal to make our customers' lives more convenient and enriched.

  1. A service that combines 5G-Core (5GC), which is a 5G-dedicated core network facility, and 5G base stations.
  2. The maximum speed is the maximum value based on technical standards and does not indicate actual communication speed. The service is provided on a best-effort basis, and actual communication speed will vary depending on the communication environment and network congestion. For more information, please check the DOCOMO website other window (in Japanese only).
  3. A feature unique to 5G SA that enables virtual network partitioning. This enables the provision of an optimal network that meets various needs in a flexible manner.

Key Initiatives

Transform our business portfolio to become an integrated ICT company and achieve sustainable growth

Enterprise Business
  • Expand growth areas such as mobile and cloud solutions
  • Leverage DOCOMO Communications' strengths to provide value to customers as a one-stop service, from large corporations to small- and medium-sized enterprises
Smart Life Business
  • Further growth in finance/payment and marketing solutions
  • Expand new areas such as electricity, medical, XR, etc.
Consumer Communications Business
  • Shift to a growth trajectory with new services and expansion of customer base through 5G
  • Maintain and increase profits through structural reform of sales channels and networks