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Request from NTT

Do not make any unnecessary or non-urgent calls to disaster areas.

Telephone lines tend to be inundated with traffic immediately after a disaster as people try to check on the safety of family and friends. As such, temporary connection problems might arise, and so we ask you to refrain from making any unnecessary or non-urgent calls, and from redialing.

Decide how you will contact each other in the event of a disaster.

It is very helpful if you have decided in advance with other members of your family where you will all meet up and how you will make contact with each other in the event of a disaster.
Please use our Disaster Emergency Message Dial (171) or other services to check on the safety of family and friends.

Disaster Message Services

Check that telephone receivers are properly cradled.

After checking on the safety of your immediate surroundings, you should check that any nearby telephone receivers have not been dislodged before evacuating to a safe place. Any receivers that are not properly cradled put an extra burden on switchboards, thus making it more difficult for other people to connect.


Prepare for disaster-related power outages by checking on their impact on your telephone in advance.

For information on whether you will be able to use your telephone or other communication equipment in the event of a power outage, refer to the equipment's instruction manual.

If electrical power storage/power supply equipment is not available to power communications devices during an outage, telephone lines will not be usable (with the exception of some lines).
If communication remains unavailable after power is restored, please confirm that communication equipment is properly plugged in, and try toggling the equipment's power switch.