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Regional Communications Business

The principal services in the Regional Communications Business are domestic intra-prefectural communications services and related ancillary services.


Business Activities:

Domestic intra-prefectural communications services and related ancillary services.

Major Services:

FLET'S Hikari, Hikari Collaboration Model, etc.

Main Companies

Results for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2022


Establishment of New Company, NTT DX Partner

In January 2022, NTT East established a new company, NTT DX Partner, which will provide support for business reform centered on DX consulting, create and provide a cloud-based digital platform, and analyze customers' various operations and client data. NTT DX Partners will also utilize NTT East Group's DX promotion know-how and assets to provide one-stop support, ranging from DX consulting to implementation and promotion of digital platforms, in a collaborative, joint development style. This will contribute to customers' success and address local and social issues that arise as well.


In March 2022, NTT West opened QUINTBRIDGE, a co-creation space originating in Kyobashi, Osaka, to promote open innovation and help revitalize the overall market.

QUINTBRIDGE will support business co-creation and human resource development and aims to become a place where companies, startups, local governments, universities, and others can "learn, connect, gather, and create with one another." In business co-creation, we do not stop at formulating ideas, but work with partners to help these business ideas take shape and implement them in local communities, as well as provide various programs (interactive pitch programs, acceleration programs, etc.) to support this effort.



Key Initiatives

NTT East - Regional Collaboration Initiatives -

Building a Private Network for a Smarter Community
  • Establish private networks according to usage
  • Provide services to meet multi-access needs
Develop new businesses to solve regional social issues
  • Develop businesses to meet non-contact and labor-saving needs
  • Develop consulting business utilizing accumulated data and expertise
  • Generate new value through digitization

NTT West -Deploying Problem-solving Solutions -

Becoming a company that continues growth as a social ICT pioneer
  • As a pioneer in using ICT to solve various issues brought about by changes in the social environment, contribute to societal development and sustainable growth (SDGs), and continue to transform into a company beloved and trusted by the community