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Number of Subscribers

1.Number of Mobile telecommunications service subscribers includes MVNOs and communication module service subscribers.

2. Number of "FLET'S Hikari (including Hikari Collaboration Model)" subscribers includes subscribers to "FLET'S Hikari Cross," "FLET'S Hikari Next," "FLET'S Hikari Light," "FLET'S Hikari Lightplus" and "FLET'S Hikari WiFi Access" provided by NTT East, subscribers to "FLET'S Hikari Cross," "FLET'S Hikari Next, "FLET'S Hikari Mytown Next," and "FLET'S Hikari Light" provided by NTT West and subscribers to the "Hikari Collaboration Model," the wholesale provision of services to service providers by NTT East and NTT West.

3.Number of Hikari Denwa subscriber include wholesale services provided to service providers by NTT East and NTT West.

4.Number of Telephone subscriber line is the total of individual lines and central station lines (Subscriber Telephone Light Plan is included).

5.Number of INS-Net is the total of INS-Net 64 and INS-Net 1500 (INS-Net 64 Lite Plan is included). In terms of number of channels, transmission rate, and line use rate (base rate), INS-Net 1500 is in all cases roughly 10 times greater than INS-Net 64. For this reason, one INS-Net 1500 subscription is calculated as 10 INS-Net 64 subscriptions.

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