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Forecast Summary

FY2023 Forecast Summary

  • Operating Revenues will decrease year-over-year while Operating Income and Profit will increase year-over-year
  • Operating Income and Profit will reach record-high levels

Plan for Consolidated Revenues and Income

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FY2022 Results FY2023 Forecast Year-on-Year
Operating Revenues ¥13,136.2B ¥13,060.0B (¥76.2B)
Operating Income ¥1,829.0B ¥1,950.0B +¥121.0B
Profit(1) ¥1,213.1B ¥1,255.0B +¥41.9B
EPS ¥348 ¥370 +¥22

(1)Profit represents profit attributable to NTT, excluding noncontrolling interests.

(2)Amounts are presented without adjustment for the impact of the 25-for-one stock split that will be carried out on July 1, 2023.

FY2023 Forecast by Segment

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Operating Revenues Operating Income
Year-on-Year Year-on-Year
Integrated ICT Business Segment ¥6,110.0B +¥51.0B ¥1,164.0B +¥70.1B
Regional Communications Business Segment ¥3,190.0B +¥12.4B ¥448.0B +¥27.5B
Global Solutions Business Segment ¥4,100.0B +¥8.3B ¥292.0B +¥26.4B
Others(Real Estate, Energy and Others) ¥1,610.0B (¥197.0B) ¥92.0B +¥2.8B

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