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Group Companies

Composition of group companies

(End of March, 2020)

NTT Group

  • Total Assets: ¥23,014.1 billion
  • Consolidated Operating Revenues: ¥11,899.4 billion
  • Consolidated Operating Income: ¥1,562.2 billion
  • Number of Employees: 319,050

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation(Holding Company)

  • Total Assets: ¥6,834.1 billion
  • Operating Revenues: ¥649.7 billion
  • Operating Income: ¥510.3 billion

Main Businesses:

For NTT Group as a whole, formulation of management strategies and promotion of basic research

Mobile Communications Business

Business Activities:

Mobile communications business, smart life business, etc.

Major Services:

Mobile phone services, "d market" services such as movie and music distribution and e-book services, and finance and payment services

Competitive Advantages:

  • A stable communication network that can be used comfortably anytime, anywhere
  • Top-notch research and development capabilities
  • Large market share and stable customer base

Regional Communications Business

Business Activities:

Regional telecommunications operations in Japan and related businesses, etc.

Major Services:

FTTH and other services

Competitive Advantages:

  • Secure, highly reliable, stable communication network
  • Provision of and support for ICT solutions with strong local ties
  • Large market share and stable customer base

Long Distance and International Communications Business

Business Activities:

Long-distance telecommunications operations in Japan, international telecommunications business, solutions business, and related businesses

Major Services:

Cloud services, data center services, migration support services, and other services

Competitive Advantages:

  • Comprehensive solutions from application to IT infrastructure
  • Global coverage
  • Strong customer engagement

NTT, Inc (Global holding company)

Main businesses

Governance, strategy planning, and policy promotion for the global business of NTT Group

Data Communications Business

Business Activities:

Network system services, system integration, etc., in Japan and overseas

Major Services:

ERP services, ICT outsourcing, and other services

Competitive Advantages:

  • High-level technology development and project management capabilities
  • Large market share and stable customer base in Japan
  • Powerful service delivery capabilities using development bases in EMEA and in Central and South America

Other Businesses

Business Activities:

Real estate, finance, construction / electric power, system development, advanced technology development, etc.

Evaluation by Society


      As one of the most innovative companies in IP and patent area. NTT received the award for 7th consecutive year

    • CSDE

      Established a council to promote secure digital economy together with multi-national companies

    • EP100 EV100

      NTT is the first telecommunications operator to become a member of global initiatives to make smarter use of energy, “EP100” and “EV100” (Oct. 2018)

    • MEMBER OF Dow Jones Sustainability Indices
    • FTSE4Good
    • FTSE Blossom Japan
    • MSCI