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NTT Group Social Media Policy

The following policy (hereinafter referred as "the Policy") has been determined for official social media accounts operated by the NTT Group. You are requested to read the Policy and consent to them regarding the use of social media.



Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "NTT") and its affiliated companies

NTT official account URL for each social media (hereinafter referred to as "these Web pages"):

Podcast(Spotify / Google Podcasts/ Apple Podcasts):account "NTT official"

Operation Policy

  • NTT provides an outline of the corporate activities of NTT Group companies and various information using images, voice messages and videos.
  • In principle NTT will not reply to comments posted on these Web pages.
  • Any comments that are deemed inappropriate may be deleted.
  • In view of the nature of social media, the accuracy of all information transmitted on social media cannot be confirmed. Corrections may be made at a later date.

Operation Period

Operation of these Web pages may be terminated or these Web pages may be deleted without prior notice.

Access to Basic Information

Registration with official social media accounts by users (persons accessing these Web pages) is viewed as agreement with the Policy and as consent to access from NTT official accounts to information provided by users (user name, profile photograph, gender, networks, user ID, list of friends, etc., publicly disclosed accounts and profile information). Since users of social media not registered with NTT official accounts can in principle view these Web pages, it is assumed that these users will observe and consent to the matters stipulated in the Policy.

Exemption from Responsibility

* NTT does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information on these Web pages.

* NTT bears no responsibility whatsoever for contents (comments, photographs, voice messages, video images, etc.) posted by users.

* NTT bears no responsibility whatsoever for any damage incurred through users' use of, or inability to use, these Web pages.

* NTT bears no responsibility whatsoever for any trouble arising between users, or any trouble arising between users and third parties, relating to these Web pages.

* Copyright, etc. relating to posting belongs to the user posting the content concerned. However, posting of contents by a user is viewed as consent from the user to NTT to use (including process, extract, reproduce, publish, translate, etc.) the posted contents free of charge and non-exclusively anywhere in the world, and as agreement not to exercise copyright, etc. against NTT.

* NTT bears no responsibility whatsoever in the event of any account under the same name other than the official account.

* NTT may not bear responsibility even if a statement is made in an official account through identity theft.

Handling of Personal Information

NTT handles all personal information obtained from users in accordance with its Privacy Policy


If you have any inquiries or comments regarding NTT or these Web pages, please send them using the Contact page on NTT's official website.