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CEO Message

Akira Shimada, President and Chief Executive Officer,Member of the Board

My name is Akira Shimada, President and CEO of NTT.

As the future economic situation and business environment remains unclear, we hope to create a path forward by proactively responding to changes and challenges, while transforming ourselves.

The NTT Group's business has been evolving. Forty years ago, when I joined NTT, we only had the telephone business. Now, however, voice-related service revenues account for only 15% of our operating revenues. Continuing this trend, I am taking swift action to reconfigure our resources and add new ones, with a strategic focus on global changes.

We recently announced our new NTT Group medium-term management strategy, "New Value Creation & Sustainability 2027 Powered by IOWN".

Based on the fundamental principle "Innovating a Sustainable Future for People and Planet", we plan to invest a total of approximately 8 trillion yen in new growth sectors over the next 5 years. We will also strengthen our cash generation capabilities and grow annual EBITDA to approximately 4 trillion yen by fiscal year 2027, which is a 20% increase over fiscal year 2022.

The new medium-term management strategy has three main pillars.

The first pillar is "NTT as a Creator of New Value and Accelerator of a Global Sustainable Society" and to that end we will pursue the following initiatives:

  1. IOWN-Driven Creation of New Value
  2. Data-Driven Creation of New Value
  3. Achievement of a Circular Economy Society
  4. Further Strengthening of Business Foundations

To support this, we will continue "Upgrading the Customer Experience (CX)" as the second pillar and "Improving the Employee Experience (EX)" as the third pillar.

By implementing these measures, we will do our utmost to deliver a prosperous and convenient society and an exciting future.

Akira Shimada
President and Chief Executive Officer,
Member of the Board

NTT Group Medium-Term Management Strategy

New Value Creation & Sustainability 2027 Powered by IOWN

We announced our new NTT Group medium-term management strategy which is based on the fundamental principle "Innovating a Sustainable Future for People and Planet" in May 2023