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Mobile Communications Business

In the Mobile Communications Business Segment, we worked to promote sales of the new billing plans, Gigaho and Gigalight, which feature simple structures and great value, and docomo Hikari, started to provide 5G services, and collaborated with various business partners in the smart life area, in an effort to provide new value-added services.


Business Activities:

Mobile communications business, smart life business, etc.

Major Services:

Mobile phone services, "d market" services such as movie and music distribution and e-book services, and finance and payment services

Competitive Advantages:

  • A stable communication network that can be used comfortably anytime, anywhere
  • Top-notch research and development capabilities
  • Large market share and stable customer base

Main Company

Composition by Segment for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2020


  • In order to reduce customer waiting times at docomo shops, we introduced the ability to book via the Internet or by telephone, and extended the time slots during which appointments are possible. In addition, from December 2019, we unified our support approach to explain to customers who purchase a terminal at a docomo shop and wish for initial setup and data transfer, that they may receive this service free of charge.

  • We concluded a capital and business alliance agreement with M3, Inc., the largest domestic medical IT company, which counts approximately 90% of Japan's physicians as members, and established empheal, Inc. to support corporate health management.

  • As a result of providing information related to 5G technology and specifications, and offering a 5G technology verification environment free of charge, the number of participants in the DOCOMO 5G Open Partner Program, which is an initiative aimed at creating new solutions with partner companies, had risen to 3,400 as of the end of March 2020.


Collaboration in Various Fields Centered on d POINTs

NTT DOCOMO has formed a business alliance with Recruit Co., Ltd., through which it seeks to grow its ecosystems. Centered on d POINTs, these efforts are aimed at increasing convenience for and improving the quality of services provided to customers of Recruit's services and d POINT CLUB subscribers.

1.Linking of Recruit Group's Online Services with d POINTs

By linking the Recruit IDs used for all online services provided by the Recruit Group with NTT DOCOMO's d ACCOUNTs, we make it possible to accumulate and use d POINTs when using the Recruit Group's online services.

Going forward, we will examine the possibility of collaborating in supporting sales promotions by d POINT affiliates and in marketing in order to further expand the base of d POINT CLUB subscribers.

2.Enhancement of Coordination with Air BusinessTools

From April 2020, Recruit's AirPAY service was made compatible with d POINTs, adding to prior compatibility with the d PAY payment service and making it possible to accumulate and use d POINTs at AirPAY affiliates.

*Note: Using d POINTs through Recruit services requires the registration of d POINT user information.

Collaborative Ventures for Supporting Healthcare Institutions and Patients with ICT and IoT
Phase 1--Commencement of Virtual Outing Trial for Hospitalized Patients

The global COVID-19 pandemic has prompted healthcare institutions to place limits on face-to-face interactions with patients, forcing frontline healthcare workers to provide the necessary healthcare services while limiting their number of interactions with patients.

In response to this situation, there is an increased need to introduce ICT- and IoT-powered remote technologies. NTT DOCOMO is examining the potential for collaborative ventures with M3, Inc. and Sony Corporation, to utilize ICT and IoT to address such issues in the healthcare field.

As the first phase of these ventures, we have commenced a trial using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies to provide hospitalized patients with opportunities for virtual outings and support virtual visits. Specifically, we offer programs that allow patients to become immersed in travel videos with a 360° viewing perspective simply by putting on VR goggles in their hospital room, giving them the opportunity to experience outings that feel almost real. Another offering is a virtual visitation system that allows patients to meet with their families even when face-to-face visits are discouraged due to fear of COVID-19 infection.

Going forward, we hope to contribute to the resolution of a wide range of issues pertaining to improving patient quality of life, facilitating treatment and rehabilitation, enabling remote examinations and remote explanations to patients' families, and allowing for communication between physicians and patients.

  • Virtual outing using VT and AR technologies (image)


docomo Hikari

docomo Hikari is an optical Internet service provided by DOCOMO using a FLET'S HIKARI line or cable TV equipment. The service is available from ¥4,000/month, including the provider charge. A set discount for smartphone is also provided.

Plenty of optional services such as video services and excellent support are also available.


5G (fifth-generation mobile communications system)is a telecommunications standard that is characterized by its superior speed and capacity to those offered with PREMIUM 4G, as well as its capabilities for low-latency and multiple connections.

NTT DOCOMO's 5G delivers high-speed communication that easily surpasses PREMIUM 4G.