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NTT Group Sustainability

This page presents an outline of the NTT Group’s Sustainability

NTT vision of sustainability for society Ideas and beliefs sometimes appear to be opposed to each other. And different points of views are dependend on personal context and influences. However, we believe you don’t have to choose just one perspective—both can be true. This is the sustainable vision the NTT Group aims to create. Our vision of sustainability is based on the concept of  “Self as We.” Where individuals are positively connected to other people, nature and technologies, creating a better society through altruistic dependencies. This brings greater benefits to both ourselves and others, helping to maximize everyone’s wellbeing. Through an honest recognition of each other we can create a world that supports all of us. We can build global and local cultures where we coexist and thrive together with the natural world. With our strong sense of ethics,  and innovative technologies and concepts like IOWN, the NTT Group pursues a vision of sustainability where we address the challenges that society faces while growing as a company.

Interview NTT Group employees engaged in sustainability

Ensuring the positive coexisting of nature and humanity Introducing our employees working to both resolve environmental problems and
achieve economic growth.

Improving prosperity for all people and cultures Introducing our employees engaged in accepting diverse, democratic cultures
while contributing to a better society and create value.

Maximizing well-being for all Introducing our employees involved in understanding diverse cultures and different values
to increase their happiness along with the happiness of others.

NTT Group Global Sustainability Charter

NTT Group Global Sustainability Charter

Three themes covering nine challenges and thirty business activities.
We are actively implementing these initiatives to contribute to the development of a sustainable society.
It outlines a broad range of sustainability indicators.

Sustainability Report

NTT Group CSR Management

The NTT Group coordinates its CSR initiatives and management strategies to help achieve a sustainable society.


Data Library

CSR website of the NTT Group companies

These are links to the CSR site of each NTT Group company.

NTT Group

NTT Group Social Media Policy