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Pursue Customer Satisfaction

Relevant GRI Standards: 103-2/203-1

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Policies and Concepts

The NTT Group serves various customers, from general consumers to corporate customers, providing a broad range of products and services.

Its main business fields, the telecommunications and ICT industries, continue to innovate, producing new products and services. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets continue to evolve almost daily, giving rise to a number of new services utilizing the NTT Group's network. At the same time, with the evolution of technology and services, the amount of information needed to use them has increased, and this has also increased opportunities for us to receive various confirmations, inquiries, feedback and requests from customers with regard to device malfunctions and questions about various fees and services.

The NTT Group believes that helping eliminate customers' concerns or doubts about the services they use and maintaining a high level of satisfaction among all customers will give rise to relationships of trust with customers and lead to the acquisition of new customers.

Organization for Implementation

The NTT Group companies have built a system for making operational improvements that will lead to reductions in the time taken to respond to customers, enhancing products and services, and influencing development based on the voice of customers received through surveys, the Customer Services Center, and other departments. In turn, we work toward developing and providing services closely in tune with the voice of our customers. Specifically, we work continuously to improve our year-over-year results for the KPIs of the reduction in waiting and customer service times at DOCOMO shops, the number of improvements made based on suggestions from customers, and the response rate of our call centers, which will give rise to a positive cycle of improvement.

The NTT Group will keep on making efforts to raise the level of customer satisfaction, including service quality and on-site responsiveness required by customers, in conjunction with the business operations of individual NTT Group companies.

Main Initiatives

Customer Contact Points

Each Group company has set up a call center that responds to customer inquiries on products and services, requests for repairs, and complaints.

Major call centers of the NTT Group receive over 180,000 calls each day and endeavor to respond promptly to customers. Each call center has set its own targets aimed at improving response rates and enhancing the quality of responses and support. They also engage in various efforts including telephone response competitions and training to enhance skills for providing better responses.

Reflecting the Voice of Customers

The NTT Group listens to the voice of its customers, including their opinions and requests, through its call centers. Each Group company has constructed a system for reflecting the voice of customers in making operational upgrades and improving and developing products and services, and they are making an active effort in related activities as well.

For example, NTT Communications collects the voice of customers through various contact points in an effort to reinforce initiatives for enhancing services and improving operational processes. This includes not only annual surveys, but also soliciting customer feedback at the time of application and during various support processes.

For more information on these initiatives, please refer to each company's website, CSR Report, and other materials.

COVID-19 Outbreak and Support for Customers

In March 2020, NTT Group companies announced their policy of extending payment dates upon request from customers facing difficulties in paying for services on time.

Recognizing that the government's stay home request created an environment that made it difficult for customers to use their d POINTS, NTT DOCOMO decided to reactivate d POINTS that expired between March and May 2020 and award them to customers, effectively extending their expiration dates.

In light of schools implementing remote classes and online education, in April 2020 NTT DOCOMO and NTT Communications announced a partial waiver of data communication fees for customers 25 years old or younger to support the use of smartphones for online learning.

Furthermore, NTT Group companies have been supporting telework, education, and health by setting up customer contact points and providing some services free of charge as initiatives. At the same time, the NTT Group has been using cell phone data to analyze demographic changes caused by government policies addressing the spread of COVID-19 and providing information to central and local governments and the media.