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Promote Diversity

Relevant GRI Standards: 103-2/401-2

Relevant SDGs



Policies and Concepts

As a global ICT group company, the NTT Group must create innovation to breed new value and address the needs of various users around the world.

To respond to dramatic changes in the markets and meet diversifying customer needs, as well as to become a consistently selected Value Partner, we believe that respecting and making use of the individuality of employees and their differing values is essential. We also believe that ensuring diversity and creating workplaces in which people respect each other will lead to unprecedented breakthrough innovations. Accordingly, the NTT Group works on creating diverse workplaces in which people can realize their full potential irrespective of sex, age, race, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other factors.

Organization for Implementation

The NTT Group has positioned diversity and inclusion as an important management strategy and the president himself is communicating inside and outside the Group the importance of accepting a diverse range of values. We are working to implement initiatives aiming for diversity and inclusion companywide.

In 2007, NTT established the Diversity Management Office to bolster efforts to create an environment which enables participation by diverse human resources across the whole Group, and by April 2008, diversity promotion supervisors were in place in Group companies. The Diversity Management Office and diversity promotion supervisors continue to cooperate to promote diversity and inclusion, to support work-life management and career development, and to conduct educational activities aimed at reforming corporate culture and ingrained practices.

Every year, we hold a diversity promotion meeting with each Group company to share their activities and discuss future diversity promotion measures for the Group based on female employee ratios by position, the status of hiring people with disabilities, and other diversity management parameters. Also, management meetings attended by directors are held when necessary to report on and discuss diversity-related initiatives, which are then promoted companywide.

Main Initiatives

Creating Workplaces Where Everyone Can Realize Their Full Potential

NTT's Diversity Management Office and each NTT Group company's diversity promotion staff work together to support employees' work-life management as well as career development for an increasingly diverse workforce, and conduct educational activities aimed at reforming corporate culture. Also, in senior manager training that brings in participants from around the globe, we discuss diversity and promote a diverse workforce across the entire NTT Group.

Promoting Women's Participation in the Workplace

The NTT Group provides appropriate compensation to all employees, regardless of gender, adopting equal payment as stipulated in the Equal Employment Opportunity Law, and works Group-wide to promote women's active participation at the workplace. In 2013, we announced a plan to double the share of female managers by fiscal 2020. In fiscal 2019, we were able to increase the percentage of female managers (section manager level or higher) from 2.9% recorded at the end of fiscal 2102 to 6.0%, thereby achieving the target a year in advance. We are now working toward a new target of raising the percentage of female managers to 10% or higher by fiscal 2025. Examples of activities carried out under this plan are the NTT Group joint forum and training sessions for female employees to encourage network building and further participation in activities. These activities provide valuable opportunities for female employees at each Group company to exchange opinions, share issues, and raise motivation.

Additionally, NTT holds career support training for employees taking childcare leave or returning to work after childcare leave and the participants' supervisors also attend management training concerning employees who return. Furthermore, our 6th Plan of Action for General Employers under the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising the Next Generation of Children formulated in March 2019 includes a target aiming for 80% or more of male employees to take leave to engage in childcare and we are encouraging male employees to take childcare leave to deepen the understanding of childcare among men and widen their horizons through this participation.

Expanding Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities

The NTT Group has established special-purpose subsidiaries to actively hire individuals with disabilities and expand employment opportunities for them, and it endeavors to create pleasant, agreeable workplaces.

Special-purpose subsidiaries engage in activities that leverage the unique characteristics of employees with disabilities. As examples, we assess problem areas in website accessibility, perform web accessibility diagnostics that offer reports with suggestions for improvements, and conduct training taught by people with disabilities to foster understanding of disabilities. We organize company tours for the general public as well as members of the NTT Group so they can all observe the way employees with different types of disabilities work at the special purpose subsidiaries and how we manage diverse employees, both with and without disabilities, thereby raising awareness of management and work styles.

We also collaborate with NTT Laboratory and other partners to participate in monitoring and consulting for universal design, verifying technologies and services from the perspectives of people with disabilities, and they participate in operations within the NTT Group's value chain, including facilities-related operations at NTT East.

In December 2019 we joined The Valuable 500, an international initiative to promote the participation of people with disabilities in business. In support of the initiative, we conducted a demonstration at an NTT reception in February 2020 in which they remotely controlled the robot OriHime-D. A full-scale presentation of the robot was introduced in July 2020. Through this initiative, we were able to respond to the needs of the Remote World while promoting social participation by people with disabilities.

Continuous Employment of Employees at Retirement Age

In 1999, the NTT Group introduced a continuous employment program for employees who have reached the retirement age of 60 in response to employee needs and public expectations regarding elderly employment.

Furthermore, from the standpoint of making maximum use of limited human resources in managing the NTT Group's businesses in the future, we introduced a new program in October 2013 that will enable applicants to continue working in a way that fits their lifestyles up to the age of 65 and demonstrate their abilities by putting their experience to work.

Rehiring Program for Employees Who Resigned

A significant number of employees who left the Company for reasons such as childcare, care for parents or the relocation of their spouse aspire to resume work at the NTT Group in the future. To respond to their requests and to effectively use the experience and skills they had acquired during their previous period of employment, NTT has established a rehiring program.

The program applies to employees who worked more than three years and were forced to leave due to their need to care for children under the age of the third grade of elementary school or elderly family members, or due to their inability to continue commuting because of the change of address necessitated by the relocation or career change of their partner, or by marriage. A request for reinstatement is followed by interviews and a health checkup, and the Company decides whether or not to reemploy them.

Consideration for LGBT and Other Gender Minorities

The NTT Group is advancing initiatives to support sexual minorities such as those identifying as LGBTQ. To realize an organization and a society in which everyone can be themselves and work freely regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, in 2016 we clearly expressed our stance by applying programs related to important life events, such as marriage leaves, bereavement leaves, congratulatory/condolence money, and the sending of congratulatory/condolence telegrams, to same sex partnerships. In 2018, we extended all allowances, benefit programs, and other programs involving spouses and families to same-sex partners as well.

We also provide seminars for new employees and managers to develop an understanding of LGBTQ issues and organize ALLY events in support of LGBTQ. In April 2019, we participated in the Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2019 parade, an event held for people who identify as LGBT and their supporters. This was the NTT Group's first time to participate in such an event with around 200 employees from 21 Group companies marching in the parade. In 2020, we became a sponsor of Pride House Tokyo, the first permanent center for LGBTQ in Japan.

These initiatives were well-received and 16 NTT Group companies were recognized at the highest-level Gold status in PRIDE Index 2019, established by a volunteer organization called "work with Pride" to evaluate corporate activities for sexual minorities and the LGBT community. NTT has received the Gold ranking for four consecutive years since 2016.

Initiatives at Overseas Group Companies

NTT Security (UK) Limited, which serves customers around the world by providing total solutions incorporating advanced technologies and services related to security, has been publishing a gender pay gap report since 2017. NTT Security discloses the gender gap in its hourly wages and bonus payments to employees in response to the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017 enacted by the British government in 2017.