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United NTT

Ensure Employee Safety

Relevant GRI Standards: 103-2/403-1,3,7

Relevant SDGs



Policies and Concepts

We believe that ensuring employee safety should be the top priority of business management. To ensure occupational safety and health, the NTT Group has established its own Safety Management Rules and Health Management Rules to facilitate safety and health management in addition to observing relevant laws and regulations such as Japan's Labor Standards Act and Industrial Safety and Health Act. The NTT Group's businesses include telecommunications-related construction and maintenance involving high risk operations such as aerial work. Therefore, we continually implement measures to prevent accidents and enhance safety awareness across the NTT Group, including subcontractors and other corporate partners.

Organization for Implementation

In addition to establishing and maintaining safety measures and safety management systems based on relevant laws and internal rules, we have set up a committee for preventing industrial accidents across the NTT Group. Also, we are working to prevent accidents during telecommunications-related construction and maintenance that serve as the foundation of the NTT Group's businesses and create a safe working environment.

Main Initiatives

Achieving a Healthy and Safe Workplace Environment

The NTT Group monitors and confirms the status of its workplace environment through the health and safety committee and other internal organizations in accordance with relevant laws and internal rules. We also strive to establish and improve the safety of workplace environments to meet the specific needs of each workplace.

Activities to Eliminate Accidents

In fiscal 2019 two*1 serious accidents resulting in casualties*2 occurred during construction and repair work ordered by NTT Group companies and performed by those companies or by subcontractors for the construction and maintenance of telecommunications equipment and building facilities. The incidents involved a collision between a service vehicle and a passing vehicle as well as an accident caused by a passing vehicle entering a construction zone.

To prevent accidents involving human casualties, NTT Group companies will continue to work in concert to reaffirm standard procedures, reinforce adherence, and improve the safety awareness of all workers. For example, on Safety Day, observed across the NTT Group, we confirm safety points using videos that reenact past accidents and send email messages to all employees to raise awareness of safety.

Also, during the NTT Group Safety Measure Reinforcement Period held from June 1 to July 7 and from December 1 to January 15, we work to further instill safety rules, including reaffirming previously established rules to prevent accidents, displaying safety posters unified across the NTT Group, and reinforcing safety patrols. Furthermore, we continue to engage in activities for achieving a safe labor environment and ensuring zero industrial accidents across the Group, such as exploring means to prevent passing vehicles from entering restricted areas as well as the use of advanced technologies including sensing, AI, and vital data.

*1Serious accidents resulting in casualties: Accidents that led to fatalities or disabling injuries that would prevent the employee from working again.

*2Breakdown of accidents: 0 by NTT Group companies and 2 by subcontractors (in Japan)

Actions in Response to COVID-19

As society embraces social distancing as part of daily life in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been creating safe workplace environments, which because of technology do not require close human interaction, extending the use of ICT, and promoting digital transformation in operational processes. In operations that require being present on-site, such as customer support, our employees have been applying safe practices. We are also conducting thorough measures to prevent our customers from being infected.

Our COVID-19 Response Committee meets regularly to monitor the number of NTT Group employees who have tested positive and determine measures to prevent the spread of infection. We follow the basic principles of avoiding the "Three Cs" (closed spaces, crowds and close contact) by rigorously implementing such measures as social distancing, remote work, and staggered commuting. We are thoroughly committed to preventing infections by promoting telework in addition to encouraging the use of masks, disinfecting hands, installing hands-free door openers, employing appropriate seating arrangements, and installing acrylic-glass dividing screens.