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United NTT

Promote a United Group Effort on Social Contribution Activities

Relevant GRI Standards: 103-2

Relevant SDGs



Policies and Concepts

The NTT Group has operating bases located not only in Japan but also around the world, from which it provides telecommunications networks, an important lifeline, and develops business that works to realize a smart world and Society 5.0 by leveraging ICT and data to solve social issues. Thus, it is essential that we not only aid the various organizations aiming to develop ICT but also pursue harmonious relationships and strive to resolve local issues in collaboration with local residents, central and local governments, NGOs, NPOs, and educational institutions.

The NTT Group looks to address the various issues faced by local communities in which we operate, including those related to environmental issues, aging populations, declining birthrates, and the education of children. NTT believes it is important to contribute to the development of flourishing and vibrant local communities through the actions of each member of Team NTT comprising NTT Group employees, their families, and retired employees. We seek to have each employee of the 300,000-strong NTT Group interact with members of their local community, identify local needs, and contribute in even small ways to addressing issues through our business activities. We believe that these efforts will eventually come back to us in the form of business opportunities and avoidance of risk, and thus we view activities that invest in local communities as our most important area of activity. Herein lies the strength of the NTT Group, a global enterprise that engages in businesses deeply rooted in local communities.

Organization for Implementation

The NTT Group CSR Charter calls on Team NTT to work together to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society. In accordance with this policy, each NTT Group company engages in citizenship activities following the policies and detailed action plan set by NTT's CSR Promotion Office.

For example, since fiscal 2009, we have joined across the Group to promote activities with a focus on the area of environmental conservation, with active participation by employees under the slogan Green with Team NTT. We are also engaged in supporting people who have been impacted by the Great East Japan Earthquake and other major natural disasters.

Main Initiatives

Citizenship Activity Categories

Investments in local communities:
Corporate citizenship activities carried out over the medium- to long-term to address social issues that concern both the NTT Group and local communities

Donations to charities:
Corporate citizenship activities that are carried out on a one-time basis or are expected to be completed within a short period

Commercial initiatives:
Corporate citizenship activities that generate profit for the NTT Group

Support for Citizenship Activities by Employees

With the belief that participation in citizenship activities can help to broaden the mind, the NTT Group is implementing an increasing range of policies to support employee citizenship activities, informing employees of support programs, and commending citizenship activities carried out under such programs. Other programs include a Matching Gift Program under which Group companies match donations collected independently by employees, and a Volunteer Gift Program under which Group companies donate goods to facilities and other places where employees are engaged in voluntary citizenship activities.

Measures to Support Citizenship Activities

Programs Details
Volunteer Gift Program This program provides goods from the volunteer's company to facilities and other places where the volunteer has been active over a long period.
Matching Gift Program Under this program, the NTT Group companies support employees' fund-raising and charity activities by matching donations made by employees.
Volunteer Leave Program This program enables employees to take extended leave for volunteer activities or other purposes in line with life design plans.
NTT Group Volunteer Portal Site This postal site introduces and supports a range of volunteer activities across the NTT Group, with a focus on sports volunteers.

Promoting Volunteer Activities Through the NTT Group Volunteer Portal Site

The NTT Group Volunteer Site was established in 2017 to introduce and support various volunteer activities for NTT Group employees in Japan. Under the motto "smiles for all," we promote group-wide social contribution activities that can bring smiles to everyone involved, creating win-win situations for the NTT Group, participants, and local communities.

In fiscal 2019, we carried out activities in various fields under the themes of diversity and the environment, including sign language classes, para sports viewing events, and tree planting across Japan. Going forward, we will expand these kinds of activities that use the NTT Group's workforce strength to involve more organizations, fields, regions, age groups, and individuals and also develop the site as a "third place" venue for creative interaction to foster a volunteer culture.

Citizenship Activities by Retired NTT Group Employees

Retired employees of the NTT Group are also actively participating in citizenship activities individually or in a group as a member of Team NTT. Denyu-Kai, whose membership consists of retired NTT Group employees, engages in a broad range of citizenship activities, including social welfare and environment beautification. Denyu-Kai supports the citizenship activities of retired employees by annually presenting the Volunteer Activity Awards to members and organizations who undertake effective citizenship activities. In fiscal 2019, we recognized 36 individuals and 3 groups and presented an award for outstanding achievement in volunteer activities to 13 recipients.