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Promote Health Management

Relevant GRI Standards: 103-2/403-6

Relevant SDGs



Policies and Concepts

Health management is pursued as a key corporate strategy with the understanding that initiatives for maintaining and improving employee health also enhance motivation and productivity and ultimately lead to higher corporate earnings. We also believe that giving due consideration for the health of our employees as well as their families will motivate and invigorate each of them and lead to the growth and development of the Group as a whole.

Organization for Implementation

The NTT Group established the Health Management Promotion Committee to promote health management through a collaborative effort between Group companies and the NTT Health Insurance Union. General managers of human resources department who are responsible for personnel at each Group company and directors of the NTT Health Insurance Union are appointed as officers in charge of promoting health management. The effectiveness of the initiatives is ensured by implementing PDCA cycles (formulate health management plans + set health targets → formulate and implement health-focused actions → identify and confirm health results → verify the effectiveness of health-focused actions).

We have also designated KPIs for wellbeing using health data, and we endeavor to achieve them by planning and implementing initiatives for raising awareness and promoting health-focused activities.

Main Initiatives

Maintaining and Improving the Health of Employees

The NTT Group helps employees maintain and improve their health by providing a full range of regular health checks and offering health guidance based on the results of these checks. Furthermore, as a measure for preventing lifestyle related diseases, we provide more extensive physical checkups for employees who request them and we require all employees to receive a comprehensive physical checkup every five years from ages 30 to 60. We also provide support to help employees use sports gyms.

Together with the NTT Health Insurance Union, we are supporting employees' health-related activities by providing a portal site through which they can use a wearable device to record and check vital data such as the number of steps taken each day, as well as an app that uses health check data to predict and simulate potential future health risks related to metabolism and high blood pressure. Additionally, business sites with a cafeteria prepare lunch menus with the help of a nutritionist, and certain business sites offer massage services that employees can use freely.

Managing Employee Health Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the NTT Group is taking action to ensure the health and safety of employees at all Group companies. Similar measures are also in place at affiliated companies. For more information, please refer to the section on employee safety (page 074).

Furthermore, we are gradually introducing effective measures for remotely implementing self-care and line care since we believe that the management of employees' mental and physical health will become even more important in promoting remote working to offer a location flexibility in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prevention of Overwork

The NTT Group is striving to prevent overwork through actions that include recording and managing the times employees log in and off their computers to appropriately oversee the work hours of each individual employee, regardless of whether they work in the office or from a remote location. Health management staff also conduct interviews with employees working extended hours and offer appropriate advice and guidance on personal health care.

We are establishing a sound workplace environment for employees by introducing flex time, super flex time, a discretionary work system, and a remote work system to offer a variety of flexible work styles.

Mental Healthcare

The NTT Group has established contact points for handling mental health inside and outside the Company and has been implementing mental health initiatives such as stress testing, counseling on overwork-related issues, and line care training for line managers.

As part of our initiative to promote remote work styles, we address mental health issues by periodically conducting simplified interviews to monitor changes in an employee's condition and their self-care efforts. Employees are also encouraged to communicate with superiors (line care) by conducting pulse surveys that provides fixed point observations of employee awareness on a real-time basis.

Extensive Benefit Programs

The NTT Group operates a comprehensive optional benefit program (cafeteria plan). Employees are given points that can be used to freely choose from a wide range of benefit items, including health maintenance, such as scheduling comprehensive physical checkups or acquiring health and fitness technology devices as well as personal wealth building.

Several core menu items do not require the use of points, such as comprehensive physical checkups aimed at the early discovery of lifestyle-related diseases and cancer, which tend to occur more frequently with age. We also offer items such as subsidies for fitness club memberships and health improvement activities using smartphones (d healthcare), which can be used by employees at their convenience.

Major Items on The Cafeteria Plan Menu

Health improvement Comprehensive physical checkups (including subsidies for optional items), introduction to the best doctors, multiple opinion service, purchase of health and fitness technology such as wearable devices
Asset accumulation Various incentives such as asset accumulation savings, Employee Shareholding Association
Housing Renting company housing and dormitory space, support for home ownership, etc.

Core Menu Items for All Employees (Points Not Required)

Health improvement Comprehensive physical checkups (offered every five years between the ages of 30 and 60), d healthcare
Support for daily life NTT Benefit Package (subsidy for fitness club membership, support for childcare and nursing care, use of recreation facilities)
Asset accumulation General asset accumulation savings
Housing Affiliated housing loan
Other Insurance, mutual aid

Initiatives Concerning Health, Safety, and Well-being

Flextime Flextime system with designated core times and Super Flextime program with no designated core times that offer flexibility in working hours
Remote work system Work-at-home and mobile working systems that enable working styles that are not confined to specific locations
Childcare facilities and allowance ・An allowance for dependents is paid
・There is lifestyle support, such as babysitting subsidies
・There are workplace nurseries
Childbirth and childcare leave for mothers beyond what is stipulated by law Childcare leave, reduced working hours for childrearing (beyond what is stipulated by law), shift work for people with children, a re-employment system for employees who retired due to childrearing, "life plan leave" in which unused annual paid leave can be carried over to future years, etc.
Childbirth and childcare leave for fathers beyond what is stipulated by law Childcare leave, reduced working hours for childrearing (beyond what is stipulated by law), shift work for people with children, a re-employment system for employees who retired due to childrearing, "life plan leave" in which unused annual paid leave can be carried over to future years, etc.