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Human Resource Development

Relevant GRI Standards: 103-2/404-2

Relevant SDGs



Policies and Concepts

Aspiring to become "Your Value Partner" that is consistently selected by customers, the NTT Group places its human resources (employees) at the core and develops human resources so all employees can demonstrate their abilities through their work and provide high added value.

With the aim of developing individuals' capabilities, we offer training that includes hierarchy-specific training for the acquisition of skills matched to position and experience, and training to enhance expertise needed for work. Through this, we aim to develop human resources who are able to act amid the technological innovations, globalization, and other rapid changes occurring in the societal environment.

Organization for Implementation

The NTT Group companies have readied a variety of systems for human resources development, including the setting of areas of expertise matched to the business specifics and the content of work and the creation of mechanisms for skill certifications. These create an environment in which employees can work at any time to improve the skills they need, including for personal development.

Companies also perform regular follow-up on the status of employee human resources development through interviews and other means. This enables the creation of training plans in line with employees' career plans.

Main Initiatives

Helping Employees Develop their Abilities

In addition to Group training and on-the-job training to enable employees to gain necessary skills in various fields of business, we provide many other opportunities for employees who are eager to get ahead, including e-learning, distance learning, in-house certification of skill levels, and support for earning qualifications. We have also introduced a Group-wide talent management system to create an environment that enables employees to play a more active role in developing their careers, and we recommend training courses that would be effective in achieving their career goals.

We actively support employee career development in various ways, including having superiors hold personal talks with their subordinates at the start, the middle and the end of the fiscal year to review performance and career plans, and holding management training for employees tapped for promotion. In particular, we have created a curriculum for nurturing experts in the security field given the heightening security risks of recent years, and we offer leadership development and a personal network building training curriculums to around 400 carefully selected general managers and section managers. With an eye on the further globalization of our operations, and to nurture personnel capable of performing in global markets, we also send employees to study at overseas graduate schools or participate in our overseas work experience programs.

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Programs for Cultivating Management Leaders and Globally Capable Employees

Goal Program Details
Cultivation of leaders to fill future management positions Development of Leaders for the entire NTT Group Mentoring program This program entails assigning a mentor, usually a senior executive vice president or corporate officer from within the Group, to new directors and young management candidates (section manager level) to teach them the frame of mind required of a manager.
Group leader development program This program is designed to help the young managers who will be responsible for promoting collaboration between NTT Group companies gain experience, broaden their perspective, and develop a mind-set focused on advancing cross-Group businesses. This is accomplished through periodic relocations to other Group companies and exchanges of opinion with managers.
MAC Management Workshop The purpose of this program is to cultivate managers with broad perspectives that are not restricted to the Company, to foster a sense of solidarity within the NTT Group, and to enhance personal networks. The curriculum consists of four management workshop courses conducted by external lecturers over a period of seven months.
Fostering of globally capable human resources GLDP (Global Leadership Development Program) The Global Leadership Development Program (GLDP) aims to broaden the horizons of the next generation of managers who will be responsible for developing global businesses, cultivate a sense of leadership within them, and help them form personal networks. The program includes a one-week curriculum of study at an overseas business school.
GLDP LEAD (Leadership Excellence and Accelerating Diversity) This extension of the GLDP is targeted at senior managers in Japan and overseas, aiming to help them acquire leadership skills and otherwise cultivate global leaders within the NTT Group. Participants are sent to a one-week curriculum of study at an overseas business school, where they take part in discussions on leadership and diversity, among other curriculum items.

Skill Mapping and Encouraging and Supporting Acquisition of Qualifications

Each Group company sets up a unique program of skill mapping based on the characteristics of their respective business operations and conducts human resources training according to those categories. Companies measure the level of each employee according to the mapping, identify the number of employees who are qualified for each level, and measure the status of implementation. Specifically, the process is operated as follows:

  1. Designate areas of expertise according to the expert skills required by each operation;
  2. Define and certify levels according to the skill set for each area of expertise; and
  3. Develop a PDCA cycle based on the employee's own career plan, supported by supervisors and the organization.

NTT's five major Group companies in Japan have created 93 skill categories. Our overseas Group companies are also creating skill categories. As an example, Dimension Data conducts human resources development based on a framework of 10 skill categories.

The NTT Group also encourages employees to acquire qualifications related to their respective duties, including major qualifications that are in broad demand in the ICT industry such as Professional Engineer, Information Technology Engineer and Certified Information Systems Security Technology Professional qualifications, and we intend to boost the number of qualified employees.

Placing the Right People in the Right Jobs

The NTT Group engages in businesses across a broad range of fields. The development of each business requires placing the right people in the right jobs so that each employee can fully demonstrate their potential. Therefore, we periodically rotate personnel on the basis of each employee's overall skill development and career plan decisions.

In-house Recruitment System

At the NTT Group, in addition to offering the NTT Group Job Challenge which provides opportunities for regular employees with ambition to take on the challenge of shaping their own careers, we also operate NTT Group Job Offerings, a program for the management staff who will advance the transformation of the NTT Group. The program enables a variety of individuals who offer fresh ways of thinking to apply for important positions in each business area.

We are actively promoting the usage of these internal job posting systems as part of efforts to build a group-wide culture that supports employees taking on new challenges.


Organizational changes are implemented after discussion and negotiation with all labor unions. As in the previous year, no layoffs occurred in fiscal 2019.