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10 Years of Sustainability Conferences

Transitioning from CSR to sustainability as a pillar of business strategy
-Initiatives launched from these conferences aim to achieve significant growth in a decade

Introducing Our 10th Conference MVPs June 12, 2023

First public awards ceremony open to the media:
118 entries, 58 nominations (34 from overseas), 12 winners

Building a Supply Chain for Medical Supplies Using Drones
NTT DATA Business Solutions (Germany)

In Malawi, Africa, NTT DATA Business Solutions is addressing medical supply chain issues using high-performance drones by Wingcopter Inc. In Malawi, it took a full day or more to transport medical supplies from medical centers to rural clinics due to poor road infrastructure. In this initiative, the strong delivery capabilities of Wingcopters were extended through a new digital logistics platform provided by SAP S/4HANA cloud, enabling local procurement of more than 100 types of medical supplies by delivery drone in just 20 minutes. Wingcopter's drone-based delivery networks also create new hightech job opportunities by training local youth to become Wingcopter drone pilots and technicians, helping to solve social issues in two dimensions: saving and improving lives.

Using AI to Improve Recycle Park Convenience (UX)
NTT Ltd Belgium (Belgium)

NTT Ltd Belgium has optimized the replacement of containers for recycle by combining a camera developed in collaboration with Cisco and NTT's AI technology for container detection and monitoring. The AI equipped in the camera reads the amount of garbage in real time and analyzes it together with historical data, making it possible to predict the optimal timing of container replacement. By solving the problem of collection containers being full, NTT Ltd Belgium contributed to reducing the stress on the people of the city, as well as reducing illegal dumping.

Achieving a Carbon-Neutral Society Through Forestry DX
NTT West

As part of its Forestry DX initiative, NTT WEST is providing a Forest Cloud application that uses satellite and drone measurements as well as AI analysis to collect forest information such as the number of trees, types, and height, calculate and data the asset value of the forest and the amount of CO2 absorbed, which can be viewed on smartphones and tablets. As a result, forest research operations will be reduced to 1/30 of the previous level, and timber supply and demand matching using the cloud will result in transactions at prices 2% higher than those in the general timber market (empirical results). In addition, carbon credit revenues, a new value added to forests, will be returned to affluent forest development, thereby contributing to the carbon neutrality of the region and companies (approximately 300 million yen worth of credits are expected to be generated*). *Target forest: Approximately 180ha, 16-year project