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Website Editorial Policy

Website Features

Latest information available on our regularly updated CSR website

We will continue to provide timely new information about the NTT Group's CSR initiatives through updates to this website as occasion demands. The latest information can be seen in the Topics section on the top page of the site.

CSR website designed to be easy-to-read and user-friendly

This website has been designed according to NTT official homepage guidelines and evaluated by NTT CLARUTY employees with vision and hearing impairments and other employees with disabilities. NTT CLARUTY applied its accessibility checklist to the design of the website to help ensure that it is accessible to elderly users and people with disabilities.

(1) Support for voice browsers

For users of voice browsers, we have provided this report with skip links to specific locations within each page, as well as other voice browser navigation mechanisms that inform users of their current location, the remaining amount of text, and so forth.

(2) Care in the use of color

We have followed universal design principles to ensure that graphs, diagrams and other elements are as easy as possible for all people to view and understand.

About the Contents

  • On this website, NTT refers to NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE CORPORATION, NTT Group refers to NTT and its group companies, and NTT [name] refers to individual companies within the NTT Group.
  • Should any errors be found in this report after publication of the printed Sustainability Report, a report and table of errata will be provided on this website.
  • The contents of this website refer not only to past events, but also cover future plans and forecasts at the time of publication. Such descriptions include assumptions and judgments based on information that was available at the time of publishing. Please note that actual future activities and results may differ from those described herein.