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Operations in Review

Integrated ICT Business

In the Integrated ICT Business, with the start of a new structure as the newly formed DOCOMO Group, we advanced initiatives to create the three major synergies of expansion of the enterprise business, more competitive network, and strengthening the power of service creation and development and promoting DX, while also promoting sales of 5G services.

Results for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2023

Key Initiatives


NTT Com, Takenaka and Shimizu to collaborate on digital transformation of construction sites

NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com), Takenaka Corporation, and Shimizu Corporation began their collaboration on the digital transformation of construction sites in July 2023. Through collaboration and joint study, the three companies aim to improve the productivity of the entire construction management operations that occur at construction sites daily by digitalizing and linking information used for process management, material logistics, work instructions, etc., in process charts and daily work reports.

Launch of "d Smart Bank" Digital Account Service

NTT DOCOMO, in collaboration with MUFG Bank, Ltd., launched the digital account service "d Smart Bank" in December 2022. This digital account service allows customers to accumulate "d Point" when using it for automatic payments, such as for "d Card" usage or mobile phone bills, as well as for receiving wages and other payments exceeding a certain amount. Through this service, we will continue to expand our range of financial services that can be securely and conveniently used in various scenarios as part of our commitment to individually supporting each customer's approach to managing their finances.

Introduction of the new services "eximo" and "irumo"

In July 2023, NTT DOCOMO began offering new price plans, "eximo" and "irumo." The "eximo" plan is designed to cater to a wide array of customer needs, from those who use little data to those who wish to use data without any restrictions* when watching videos on the go, for instance. Conversely, "irumo" is aimed at customers who not only require less data, but are also looking for a more economical rate. Along with the existing "ahamo" plan, we will continue to offer a mix of attractive services that include financial and payment solutions as well as video and other services, with the aim of maximizing the value provided to our customers.

Data usage may be restricted during times of network congestion or heavy data traffic.

Regional Communications Business

In the Regional Communications Business, in addition to strengthening our solutions business which supports the digital transformation of companies, local governments, and societies to resolve regional social issues, we offered our "Hikari Collaboration Model," which provides wholesale fiber-optic access services, among other things, to various service providers.

Results for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2023

Key Initiatives NTT East

Key Initiatives NTT West


Launch of APN IOWN 1.0

NTT East and NTT West have launched the All- Photonics Network (APN) IOWN 1.0 as the first commercial service aimed at achieving the IOWN concept, in which all sections of a communications network use optical wavelengths exclusively. APN IOWN 1.0 ensures high speed, high capacity and low latency, and zero fluctuation. Additionally, integrating OTN Anywhere, launched concurrently, enables the visualization and adjustment of latency. We will continue to work with our customers to expand use cases, including remote performances, remote lessons, e-sports, remote equipment operation, and tight integration between data centers. Moreover, we are advancing our R&D efforts to enhance APN-related technologies, with the goal of offering a firsthand IOWN experience at the 2025 World Exposition (Osaka-Kansai Expo).

Global Solutions Business

In the Global Solutions Business, NTT DATA Group worked to extend and consistently provide a range of IT services, such as offerings of digitalization and system integration, that are responsive to the changes in the market, as well as to strengthen its ability to provide services in growth areas such as the data center business and managed services.

Results for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2023

Key Initiatives


Generative AI service launched capable of crafting evidence-based responses by securely integrating various types of data

In June 2023, NTT DATA Japan launched the LITRON Generative Assistant, a service that produces evidence-backed responses by securely linking a variety of data-- including internal regulations, business documents, and public data--through generative AI. NTT DATA Japan already introduced the text-interpretation AI tool LITRON, which uses large-scale language models, to the market a while ago, and it has continued to engage in research and development. This new service benefits from those efforts. Additionally, by leveraging NTT DATA Japan's data analysis platform, we alleviate customer security concerns while accelerating the adoption of cutting-edge technologies.

Collaboration with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to build a rack-type liquid immersion cooling system for existing data centers

NTT DATA Japan, in partnership with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., has developed a rack-type liquid immersion cooling system that allows for the direct cooling of servers and other IT equipment in liquid and can be applied to existing data centers. This system submerges IT equipment in a specialized insulating liquid for efficient cooling. Following real-world testing at Mitaka Data Center EAST, we confirmed a 92% reduction in cooling energy consumption based on our internal building standards, as well as a 173% improvement in operational efficiency compared to conventional systems. Building on these findings, NTT DATA Japan aims to apply this cooling system to its own data centers and provide services to contribute to both the NTT Group's decarbonization targets and customer efforts toward decarbonization and energy efficiency while endeavoring to offer eco-friendly system services.

Others (Real Estate, Energy and Others)

In the Real Estate Business, NTT Urban Solutions has taken the lead in utilizing a wide range of resources--including ICT, real estate, energy, and environmental technology--to spearhead the development of vibrant and unique communities. In the Energy Business, our focus has been on NTT Anode Energy. We have pushed forward with the development of renewable energy power plants, local production and local consumption of energy using energy management systems, and rolled out solutions aimed at decarbonization.

Results for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2023

Key Initiatives

Key Initiatives


Achieved Level 4 ISO 37106 Certification, the international standard for smart cities, the second such instance in the world

The Higashi-Sakura 1-chome Area in Higashi Ward, Nagoya City, managed by NTT Urban Solutions, has achieved Level 4 certification, currently the highest level of the ISO 37106 international standard for smart city operation models. This is only the second such certification worldwide. Going forward, the NTT Group will continue to expand its support for sustainable urban solutions focused on wellbeing, run by and for local residents, with the goal of maximizing community and individual well-being.

Acquisition of Green Power Investment Corporation and other renewable energy operators

NTT Anode Energy, in collaboration with JERA Co., Inc. (JERA), has completed acquisition of shares of Green Power Investment Corporation (GPI), which is owned by Pattern Energy Group LP, a U.S.-based renewable energy operator. Moving forward, NTT Anode Energy, JERA, and GPI will synergize their respective expertise, insights, and strengths in renewable energy operations, with the goal of contributing to Japan's goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050 through further initiatives, thereby promoting the adoption of renewable energy within Japan. (See page 24 for details)