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At a Glance NTT Group

The experience and advanced technologies developed by the NTT Group will be used to achieve a "paraconsistent"* society, and contribute to resolving social issues faced by society as a whole. (*Where opposing concepts or matters are both achieved inclusively)

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NTT Group's Roots

continued to develop a range of solutions as a partner that enables society and industry to move ahead.

It was some 70 years ago that the telephone and telegraph services provided by the Ministry of Communications and Ministry of Telecommunications were handed over to Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation. With economic growth booming following the country's post-war recovery, the company began exploring a range of avenues to meet growing public demand for telephone services that connect in an instant.
After subsequently undergoing a name-change to NTT, the company expanded its businesses including the regional communications, long-distance and international communications, mobile communications, and global data communications sectors, based on its roots that aim to respond to the needs of customers and challenges faced by industry and society.
Focused on creating a better future for Japan and the world... Never losing sight of the goal as "Your Value Partner."


NTT Group's History

NTT has contributed to lifestyles of people through its business activities. Ever since being established as the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation in 1952, the NTT Group has developed a wide range of technologies and services, and has been delivering for services like mobile phones, internet and cloud computing that could never have been imagined in the past. At the heart of these achievements is NTT's underlying commitment to working as a partner that supports society and industry as a whole.

  • 1952 "Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation" established
  • 1980s NTT Group bom from telecommunications liberalization
  • 1990s Expanded telephone services with view of building an advanced telecommunications society
  • 2000s Full-scale roll-out of broadband ubiquitous services
  • 2010s Global ICT services framework developed
  • 2020s IOWN concept released