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NTT Group CSR Conference

Every year since Fiscal 2014, an NTT Group CSR Conference has been held to share excellent CSR measures throughout the Group. The sixth such conference was held in February 2019. Approximately 240 employees participated, comprising CSR and environmental staff from each group company, and employees interested in CSR.

Scene at the conference Scene at the conference

Vice President Shimada Greeted Everyone Saying "Let's Continue Sustainable Business that Helps the World"

In starting the conference, Akira Shimada, Senior Executive Vice President and Representative Member of the Board, stood up to give greetings and reviewed NTT Group's business environment. While doing so, he also mentioned the group's new Medium Term Management Plan and explained one of its visions: Solving society's problems through business activities will contribute to a smart world and achieve the SDGs. He encouraged the employees by telling them the keywords are "digital transformation" and "CSR."

He also touched on the fact that NTT Group's action plan covering up to 2021 had been formulated, saying he wanted to build a system that would raise motivation among employees so they would take the initiative and create services on their own that would be helpful in society. He closed his greeting by saying "let's continue sustainable business that helps the world."

Senior Executive Vice President Shimada delivering the opening remarks Senior Executive Vice President Shimada delivering the opening remarks

Announcement of Superior CSR Measures: Six Measures in the CSV Section and Five Measures in the Social Contribution Section

After that, superior CSR measures were announced that had been selected from submissions by group companies, both foreign and domestic. From this year, social contribution sections and CSV sections were established, with six measures being selected in the CSV section and five measures being selected in the social contribution section. The people responsible for each measure was announced. It was a conference with plenty of global flavor as there was participation in each section from three foreign NTT Data Group companies and, continuing from last year, Dimension Data, in addition to domestic group companies.

Lecture by an Expert about "Sustainability as a Management Strategy"

This time we had Peter David Pedersen, a sustainability management consultant, lecture about sustainability as a management strategy. Mr. Pedersen discussed how, with the world as it is today, the world's population is forecast to reach 11.2 to 12.0 billion, and the recent problem of plastic in the oceans. He said it was important that corporations take sustainability as a management strategy, and he was counting on NTT Group in this regard.

The Lecture by Peter David Pedersen The Lecture by Peter David Pedersen

At an exhibition area separate from the main conference hall, there were booths introducing and selling fair trade-related products connected to NPOs and booths introducing NTT Group special-purpose subsidiaries, an area where it was possible to experience blind soccer, etc. There was also information to promote understanding of initiatives for LGBT within the group.

In the questionnaire after the conference, almost all the participants responded that they had deepened, or somewhat deepened, their understanding of CSR, so it was meaningful time spent on raising awareness of CSR. In addition to holding such a conference again next year and afterward, too, we will aim for further spreading awareness of CSR by such means as substantiating participatory measures for employees.

  • Sales of fair trade products Sales of fair trade products

  • Blind soccer experience Blind soccer experience

Superior CSR Measures: CSV Section

First Prize
Provision of disaster control solutions to protect people's life and enhance business continuity ability NTT Resonant
Promotion of WinActor/WinDirector tools to drive Japan's RPA markets for making significant contributions to solving the labor-shortage problem and facilitating work-style changes NTT Data
Farmbot Network: Future farming platform to feed the world itelligenceAG
Image Recognition AI "Deeptector," a solution to industries and business sectors involving human eye monitoring and judgment NTT Comwear

We plan to award the CSR Grand Prize to one of the above four measures, in May 2019.

Excellence Award
Launch of ICT-based system for protecting farms from wild animals in Goto City, Nagasaki Prefecture NTT West
Provision of the smartphone app "Simple Flick" for people with special needs in their upper limbs or with visual impairments NTT DOCOMO

Superior CSR Measures: Social Contribution Section

Grand Prize
Saturday School Journey Dimension Data
Merit Prize
Fukushima Sunflower Foster Parent Project NTT East
Empowering Specially Abled People NTT DATA Services
Partnership with the Prince's Trust NTT DATA UK
Smartphone and Mobile Phone Safety Class for children in the digital age NTT DOCOMO