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NTT's Vision for a Sustainable Society
―NTT Group Global Sustainability Charter―

In today's society, there exist conflicting phenomena that cannot be understood in a black-and-white manner, whether it be global versus local, environmental versus economic, or human rights issues. It is also true that a single phenomenon can have a different meaning and significance based on the perceiver.
NTT believes that realizing a paraconsistent society, in which these opposing concepts and phenomenon are included and diverse values are accepted, will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.
The concept of "Self as We" will form the basis of NTT Group's efforts to contribute to the realization of such a sustainable society.
Through this concept, people are encouraged to find themselves within the "We" and to realize that we are supported by the connections between diverse people, things, and technologies. We look to implement various initiatives founded on the principles of altruistic co-existence through which people will seek to increase their happiness along with the happiness of others. The "Self as We" concept casts light on the need to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through initiatives for ensuring the positive coexisting of nature and humanity, improving prosperity for all people and cultures, and maximizing well-being for all.

Process for Selecting Important Issues (Comprehensiveness and Priority of the 30 Activities)

Organization for Implementation

The NTT Group regards the promotion of sustainability as an important management issue, and items of particular importance, such as creating environmental targets for the entire Group, are decided based on discussions held with directors. Under the governance structure overseen by the Directors, we have established a Sustainability Committee (chaired by the President and Chief Executive Officer) directly reporting to the Board. This committee is responsible for managing the policy direction and progress of sustainability initiatives across the entire Group. Policies related to sustainability (the Charter and creating and abolishing accompanying policies, particularly deciding critical indicators) will be decided by the Board of Directors via the Sustainability Committee. In addition, the Sustainability Committee includes the Corporate Ethics Committee, Human Rights Committee, and Green Innovation Committee to handle the individual topics relevant to each sub-committee. Furthermore, Group Sustainability Committee meetings (with senior executive vice presidents and others from major Group companies) are held to share common challenges and successful examples from each Group company, as well as to monitor progress on sustainability implementation with respect to PDCA cycles and further promoting a sense of unity throughout the Group.

Sustainability Initiatives

In fiscal 2022, the Sustainability Committee convened on one occasion, while the Group Sustainability Committee convened twice. These meetings focused on discussing strategies towards achieving net-zero emissions, as well as the incorporation of sustainability metrics into performance-based bonuses, specifically employee engagement rates. The findings were subsequently reported to the Board of Directors.

Sustainability Promotion System