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Message from the President

To resolve social issues through its business operations,NTT Group works together with its partners as "Your Value Partner."

NTT's Vision of a Sustainable Society

The NTT Group established its Global Sustainability Charter in Autumn when it restructured its mediumterm management strategy. This new Charter encompasses three key themes.

(1) Ensuring the positive coexistence of nature and humanity:
Aiming to solve environmental issues as well as achieve economic growth
(2) Improving prosperity for all people and cultures:
Accepting diverse, inclusive cultures while aiming to build a better society and create value
(3) Maximizing well-being for all:
We aim to maximize the well-being of everyone by respecting human rights and encouraging diversity and inclusion.

Nine challenges and thirty business activities have been established under these three themes, to be implemented alongside business operations as part of our goal to achieve a sustainable society.
We have also developed a structured approach for our environmental vision, management style, and human rights policy based on this new Sustainability Charter.

Three themes the NTT Group is pursuing

We will be continuing our efforts toward transformation undertaken thus far, while also creating a path forward by responding to changes, or, at times, pre-empting changes and transforming ourselves, in line with the NTT Group Global Sustainability Charter. To ensure that we continue to be a company that is chosen by our customers, we need to raise the quality of our products and services. We will be pursuing the following three initiatives to ensure that the NTT Group delivers new experiences and value to our customers.
The first of these initiatives is to create better customer experiences (CX) through improved employee experiences (EX). We will be taking the sense of excitement felt by each of our employees and using it as a source of inspiration for "creating new value,experiences, and excitement for our customers (meaning CX)."
From April 2023, we will be rolling out a new and revised specialization-based personnel compensation system for the main companies of the NTT Group. The source of motivation for creating new value for our customers is the potential of employees. This revision will help to inspire each and every employee to further increase their specializations and acquire, or maximize their skills, as part of our efforts to create added value across a broad range of fields.
I want to harness the potential of our employees to generate new value, and provide customers with a new sense of excitement.
The second initiative is to decarbonize through technology. The decarbonization of society is a matter of urgency. I believe it is the mission of those of us living in the present to ensure that our descendants can live sustainably on the planet.
The NTT Group has set a goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2040. In order to realize this goal we are working to drastically reduce our power consumption through the promotion of Innovative Optical & Wireless Networks (IOWN), and to develop and expand our use of renewable energy. An example is Green 5G provided by DOCOMO provided as part of its service aimed at achieving carbon neutrality. Initiatives like these illustrate just some of the ways that the NTT Group is helping to alleviate the impact that society as a whole has on the environment.
The third initiative is to maintain connectivity with infrastructure and critical IT systems even in the event of major disasters. We will be making efforts to enhance our preparations for more widespread and complex large-scale disasters like an earthquake directly underneath Tokyo or the Nankai Trough off Japan's southern coastline. In addition to wired-and-wireless networks and other services, the NTT Group is also involved in numerous national projects like systems that provide connectivity for financial institutions. It goes without saying that networks and critical systems like these are the very foundation of Japan and serve as an indispensable infrastructure. Preparation is the key to staying connected. We therefore need to continue taking into consideration all the possible risks that could occur.

Mission and ideals of the NTT Group

When considering the NTT Group five years from now, moving ahead with these three initiatives provides an opportunity to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society, and also serves as a chance for the NTT Group to generate revenue. We need to contribute to society while simultaneously delivering organizational growth. An example that illustrates this is the way NTT DATA is working to digitize valuable materials held by the Vatican Library. We have built up a business model where donations provided by those who view digital archives of valuable documents and collections serve as the funds for future archiving work. Harnessing the capabilities of IT to preserve our historical assets and culture for future generations, making them available as training material to as many people as possible around the world, is a socially significant initiative that helps to maintain digital archiving efforts and contribute to global cultural and research activities.
We will be shifting our ideals from a company that "connects communications" to a company that "connects data to create new value for people, business and society." We will be accelerating our growth as a group that provides services to make customer businesses and lifestyle even better by utilizing a broad range of data. I am confident that we will develop various solutions through close collaboration with our partners, by applying our technology and know-how across a broad range of fields. Creating new business sectors as part of these efforts will help to expand our business base, as we aim to develop into a customercentric company.
I would like to take this opportunity to ask for your continued support moving forward.

President and Chief Executive Officer,

Representative Member of the Board

Akira Shimada