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Jun Sawada President and Chief Executive Officer

CEO message

To resolve social issues through its business operations, NTT Group works together with its partners as "Your Value Partner."

NTT's Vision of a Sustainable Society

We are faced with many dangerous challenges in today's modern society--major natural disasters, abnormal weather conditions, pandemics, infodemics, economic disparities, inequalities, and much more. Considering these challenges to our wellbeing,

the NTT Group aims to help build a sustainable society through the acceptance of diverse values and by taking an all-inclusive approach. This would be difficult to achieve through traditional dualistic thinking that results in a judgmental view and a lack of mutual understanding - and therefore believe in another approach.

In concrete terms, I believe it will be vital to take a "Self as We" approach throughout society into the future. Individuals do not exist in a sole "Self as I" manner but are also supported by their connections with a broad range of people, nature, objects, and technologies. If we have a greater awareness of these relationships, the ideal approach is to aim towards coexistence much the same way as the natural world does.

Moving forward, even the "people," objects and technologies we interact within cyberspace, like the metaverse and other similar services, will also need to be included as part of this "We." Thus, we need to explore the "Self as We" concept in more detail.

Driving Business Forward in line with the New Global Sustainability Charter

The NTT Group established its Global Sustainability Charter in Autumn when it restructured its medium-term management strategy.

This new charter encompasses three key themes.

(1) Ensuring the positive coexisting of nature and humanity:Aiming to solve environmental issues as well as achieve economic growth
 (2) Improving prosperity for all people and cultures:
Accepting diverse, democratic cultures while aiming to build a better society and create value
 (3) Maximizing well-being for all:We aim to maximize the well-being of everyone by respecting human rights and encouraging diversity and inclusion.

Nine challenges and thirty business activities have been established under these three themes, to be implemented alongside business operations as part of our goal to achieve a sustainable society.

We have also developed a structured approach for our environmental vision, management style, and human rights policy based on this new sustainability charter.

The Environment and Energy Vision outlines NTT's carbon-neutral goals by 2040.

The new management style that the NTT Group will be adopting is highlighted in "Transformation to a New Management Style," which aims to build a decentralized network-based society focusing on remote work that was vital during the COVID-19 pandemic and will become even more so in the post-COVID age. And finally, the "NTT Group Global Human Rights Policy" sets forth our policies governing respect for human rights and the promotion of diversity and inclusion, based on the concept of "Self as We."

The NTT Group is committed to implementing these various initiatives to build a sustainable society aligned with its new Sustainability Charter.

Jun Sawada
President and Chief Executive Officer,
Representative Member of the Board
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation