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NTT Group's Roots

NTT Group has continued to develop a range of solutions as a partner that enables society and industry to move ahead.

It was some 70 years ago that the telephone and telegraph services provided by the Ministry of Communications and Ministry of Telecommunications were handed over to Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation. With economic growth booming following the country's post-war recovery, the company began exploring a range of avenues to meet growing public demand for telephone services that connect in an instant. The company was privatized as Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) in 1985. We have expanded our business into regional communications (telephone and FTTH, etc.), integrated ICT (mobile and internet), global solutions, real estate, energy, and others based on our corporate activities to respond to customers' voices and industrial and social challenges. Going forward, NTT will continue to take on challenges for new value creation and global sustainability.

Privatized in 1985.
Our Dynamic Loop - The Heart of NTT

The single continuous curve represents the dynamism and our commitment for continuous innovation and delivering value to people and society.

A small inner loop at the top of the mark ensures that the voice of customers and society is always heard. This symbol represents NTT's vision and its commitment to developing a harmonious society through both business and cooperation.