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NTT's Mission, Vision, Values

We are NTT.

NTT will continue to innovate through imagination and by challenging ourselves. We always listen to our clients, employees, and the world at large. NTT's culture is based on our core belief of responding to the needs of our clients and society to help achieve their best future possible. This is NTT's vision and its commitment to developing a harmonious society through both business and cooperation.

Our Vision

Your Value Partner

Your valued partner that is committed and can be trusted NTT promises to always listen to our clients and the world at large. We engage with clients and society as a valued partner with a deep commitment to trust, long-term relationships and mutual success. We believe in achieving transformative results through technology innovation for ourselves, our clients, and society.

Our Mission

Resolving social challenges

Contributing to society through our business operations NTT seeks to solve social challenges and create a sustainable society through our business operations and partnerships for people, organizations, and communities. We commit to providing the confidence needed to move into the digital future that is a better place for all of us.

Our Values

Connect Trust Integrity

Our shared values informs all ourdecision making NTT's values are based on trust, integrity, and connecting. We always act with a moral and ethical code in our trusted relationships with clients, employees, partners, and society. We are a trustworthy human company that believes in the value of diversity and inclusion in our people and the world.


Three themes for achieving
a sustainable society

NTT's Vision of a Sustainable Society

For a sustainable society, we need to consider current and future issues that will challenge us. These challenges include global and local social problems, environmental obligations, future epidemics and natural disasters, equitable economic prosperity, human rights issues, and technology's power for good or harm. People can interpret an event or reality very differently depending on their perspective. The constant and increasing flow of information in today's world, combined with many diverse values and beliefs, can result in multiple points of view based on the same facts. Because of this, many ideas, perceptions, and values that seem contradictory exist simultaneously. However, to create a more harmonious society, these ideas need to coexist in a paraconsistent manner. In other words, accepting that contradictory views can be true and are accommodated in a nondiscriminatory way.

This approach will lead to a clearer recognition and a greater understanding of potentially conflicting ideas and values. Only in this way can we together take the right actions to help create a better society with more acceptance, prosperity and a long-term sustainable future for all. To help realize this harmonious society, the NTT Group has developed our Sustainability Charter based on the concept of moving towards the "Self as We." In other words, moving from standalone individuals or isolated groups and towards more diverse cultures and communities that are highly connected. This approach is based on enabling our connection to all things, including other people, goods, nature, and technology. We will maximize society's wellbeing and achieve a more sustainable future when we create these positive connections. By connecting through a common thread of shared ethics and values, we create a better world to achieve equitable economic prosperity for all cultures in communities, nations, and society. In addition, since nature is an altruistic and giving entity that we are part of, we believe it is necessary to reduce our burden on nature to remain in a harmonious society.

Three themes for achieving a sustainable society

  • Ensuring the positive coexisting of nature and humanity
  • Improving prosperity for all people and cultures
  • Maximizing Well-being for all
Paraconsistent New value generated when contradictory concepts are weaved together in harmony.
Self as We Our existence is supported by the interactions we have with a broad range of other people,objects technologies, and nature.