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Social Challenge 8
Diversity & Inclusion


Why it matters

The NTT Group is promoting diversity, equity and inclusion with the aim of achieving ongoing growth and developing a sustainable society. To be able to respond to changes in external factors in a flexible manner and continue creating innovation, it is vital that differences and diversity are considered as value, and to transform that value into a viable force.

What can be accomplished

To improve well-being, achieve healthy workstyle and develop a sustainable society, we will be creating workplaces where a diverse range of employees can work energetically in good health while staying true to themselves. We will be focusing even more on hiring, training and appointing diverse human resources, building up a better understanding of working with LGBTQ people and those with disabilities, those undergoing treatment or suffering from diseases, developing an inclusive corporate culture, and creating a flexible and work style.

Future vision

The NTT Group will continue promoting diversity, equity and inclusion, not just toward customers but throughout the entire value chain, and encouraging local communities to do the same will help create a society that is accepting of even more diverse values where everyone can work while staying true to themselves.

Business Activity 24
Promoting recruitment, training, and education of diverse human resources and women's advancement in the workplace

Our commitment

We will create workplaces where a diverse range of employees can achieve their full potential Increasing opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds leads to greater personal growth and better well-being of each individual

Our objectives


Greater ratio of new female graduate hires


Ratio of women newly promoted to management positions


Ratio of women in management roles by 2025


Ratio of female directors by 2025 (directors + audit and supervisory board members + senior vice presidents)


Ratio of outside personnel by 2023


Turnover rate

The Fundamental Principle

As a global ICT group company, the NTT Group must create innovation to breed new value and address the needs of various users around the world.

To respond to dramatic changes in the markets and meet diversifying customer needs, as well as to become a consistently selected "Your Value Partner", we believe that respecting and making use of the individuality of employees and their differing values is essential.

A diverse range of work styles will lead to diversity in human resources, and that expand opportunities for diverse human resources leads to personal growth and the realization of well-being of each individual.

Organization for Implementation

The NTT Group has positioned diversity and inclusion as an important management strategy and the president himself is communicating inside and outside the Group the importance of accepting a diverse range of values. We are working to implement initiatives aiming for diversity and inclusion companywide.

In 2007, NTT established the Diversity Management Office to bolster efforts to create an environment which enables participation by diverse human resources across the whole Group, and by April 2008, diversity promotion supervisors were in place in Group companies. The Diversity Management Office and diversity promotion supervisors continue Our commitment to cooperate to promote diversity, equity and inclusion, to achieve Healthy work in daily life (health management) and career development, and to conduct educational activities aimed at reforming corporate culture and ingrained practices.

We regularly hold diversity promotion meetings with each Group company to share their activities and discuss future diversity promotion measures for the Group based on female employee ratios by position, the status of hiring people with disabilities, and other diversity management parameters. Also, management meetings attended by directors are held when necessary to report on and discuss diversity-related initiatives, which are then promoted companywide.


New Targets for Empowering Women

The NTT Group provides appropriate compensation to all employees, regardless of gender, adopting equal payment as stipulated in the Equal Employment Opportunity Law, and works Group-wide to promote women's active participation at the workplace.

In 2021, we set a new target of 25−30% for the ratio of women in director positions by fiscal 2025, in order to incorporate diverse opinions in decision-making settings. We also see the need for expanding the pipeline of female candidates in order to continue reflecting diverse opinions in decision-making, and thus set a target of 30% for the ratio of new female managers appointed. In light of this, we raised our target for the percentage of women in manager and director positions from the existing 10% to 15% by fiscal 2025.

Ever since fiscal 2013 when we set a target of 30% or higher for the percentage of women in new hires straight out of college, we have achieved at least 30% every year.

Empowerment of Women in the Workforce

The NTT Group is stepping up initiatives to groom more female employees for decision-making management positions and positions for providing guidance.

All female employees

The NTT Group provides a human networking program for strengthening vertical and horizontal connections for women within the Group. On top of management levels (such as executives, senior managers and managers), training is provided across all positions and ranks.

In addition to off-the-job training, we provide on-the-job training, including putting employees in tough assignments, with the intention of training women with the skills, mindsets and experiences necessary for promotions.

NTT University has been established for the purpose of grooming candidates for upper management positions within NTT Group, and it aims to have at least 30% women in the program.

Female employees interested in management positions

Women career development training programs are provided throughout the NTT Group, and we also run programs for building up necessary leadership skills and awareness through dialogues with upper management and exchanges with other companies. Employees are also encouraged to take part in external training programs where they can interact with members from outside the NTT Group.


The NTT Group has set a 20% or higher target for women participating in internal and external training programs as part of efforts to expand training opportunities. A new program offering mentoring by female directors has also been developed for female managers.


Initiatives for International Women's Day

To celebrate International Women's Day on March 8, we created a mosaic poster made from photos sent in by NTT Group employees in Japan and overseas who wanted to participate in the project



Active Promotion of Outside Personnel

The NTT Group hires outside personnel (mid-career hires) in order to incorporate diverse opinions in business operations, with the ratio at the six major domestic Group companies at 28% in fiscal 2020. We will continue to hire outside personnel in order to have diverse personnel on staff, and aim for a 30% ratio of mid-career hires by fiscal 2023.

Continuous Employment of Employees at Retirement Age

In 1999, the NTT Group introduced a continuous employment program for employees who have reached the retirement age of 60 in response to employee needs and public expectations regarding elderly employment. Furthermore, from the standpoint of making maximum use of limited human resources in managing the NTT Group's businesses in the future, we introduced a new program in October 2013 that will enable applicants to continue working in a way that fits their lifestyles up to the age of 65 and demonstrate their abilities by putting their experience to work.

Rehiring Program for Employees Who Resigned

A significant number of employees who left the Company for reasons such as childcare, care for parents or the relocation of their spouse aspire to resume work at the NTT Group in the future. To respond to their requests and to effectively use the experience and skills they had acquired during their previous period of employment, NTT has established a rehiring program.

The program applies to employees who worked more than three years and were forced to leave due to their need to care for children under the age of the third grade of elementary school or elderly family members, or due to their inability to continue commuting because of the change of address necessitated by the relocation or career change of their partner, or by marriage. A request for reinstatement is followed by interviews and a health checkup, and the Company decides whether or not to reemploy them.

Business Activity 25
Encouraging of understanding of LGBTQ and promoting the advancement of disabled people

Our commitment

Diverse values and individualities are part of NTT's strengths, and we are creating workplaces that are welcoming of each and every person as they are, allowing them to share equal opportunities, take on challenges without being afraid of mistakes, and achieve mutual growth

Our objective


Ratio of employees with disabilities

Promotion of Global Diversity

Each year, we conduct Group training for senior managers of NTT Group in Japan and overseas, called Global Leadership Development Program Leadership Excellence and Accelerating Diversity (GLDP LEAD). This training is designed to foster leadership among managers aiming to move to higher positions. This training, in which more than half of the participants are female, emphasizes diversity and innovative culture as organizational capabilities of topmost importance. In fiscal 2021, 42 employees from nine countries underwent this training in an online format.


Outside Interaction and External Certifications

The NTT Group took par t in TOKYO RAINBOW PRIDE, and also became a sponsor of Pride House Tokyo, the first permanent center for LGBTQ in Japan.

A total of 21 NTT Group companies were recognized at the highest-level Gold status in PRIDE Index 2021, established by a volunteer organization called "work with Pride" to evaluate corporate activities for sexual minorities and the LGBT community. NTT has received the Gold ranking for six consecutive years since 2016.

Initiatives for LGBTQ

Enhanced Systems and Welfare

To realize an organization and a society in which everyone can be themselves and work freely regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, in 2016 we began applying programs related to important life events, such as marriage leaves, bereavement leaves, congratulatory/condolence money, and the sending of congratulatory/condolence telegrams, to same sex partnerships. In 2018, we extended all allowances, benefit programs, and other programs involving spouses and families to same-sex partners as well.

Initiatives for Encouraging Understanding

We run training ever y year by LGBTQ people, to deepen understanding and provide the correct knowledge of LGBTQ issues for staff newly promoted to management positions.

We also hold ALLY meetings regularly in a show of support for LGBTQ. In fiscal 2021, ALLY meetings were held two times and included talks by LGBTQ people and group discussions, with around 130 employees from the NTT Group taking part.

Expanding Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities

In addition to direct hires, the NTT Group provides more employment opportunities for people who have disabilities. The NTT Group currently employs around 3,700 people with disabilities, with 980 of them working at a special-purpose subsidiary.

Four special-purpose subsidiaries have been established by the NTT Group to provide workplaces that are easy to work at for people with disabilities, as part of measures that enable employees with disabilities to harness their skills and perform at their maximum level.

Some 900 employees work at these special-purpose subsidiaries, and are engaged in activities that leverage the unique characteristics of employees with disabilities.

They assess problem areas in website accessibility, perform web accessibility diagnostics that offer reports with suggestions for improvements, and conduct training taught by people with disabilities to foster understanding of disabilities (barrier-free mindset seminars).

NTT Group's special-purpose subsidiaries (4 companies)

Business Partnership with OryLab Inc.

In July 2020, NTT began providing reception desk duties using OriHime-D, a robot that can be controlled remotely by people with disabilities.

NTT entered into a capital and business tie-up with OryLab Inc. in October 2020, for the purpose of strengthening its business responsiveness in remote environments while advancing the interests of people with disabilities.

Through this partnership, NTT Group's R&D capabilities are combined with the advanced product development capability of OryLab, such as OriHime, a robot that can be controlled remotely by people who have disabilities. We aim to provide employment opportunities and broader access to people with physical disabilities or find it difficult to go outdoors through this effort to connect remotely to the world.

OriHime-D, a robot that can be controlled remotely, is being used by people with physical disabilities to offer employment opportunities and broaden their range of activity while maintaining physical distancing during the pandemic. In recognition of this achievement, OriHime-D was awarded the Special Prize in the Environment Creation Category of the 2020 ACE Awards, sponsored by the Accessibility Consortium of Enterprises (ACE).

Use of OriHime Remote-Controlled Robot

The NTT Group is using OriHime in a variety of scenarios.

Joint experiment with E Cheer Up!, a project for ICT x sports x regional co-creation

Collaborative agreement with a Kyogen troupe about making DX a reality (Nomura Mansai II (Mansaku no Kai))

OriHime and NTT R&D offer well-being classes at elementary schools

At robot cafe DAWN, conduct experiments with remote robot control based on based on IOWN

Global Commitment

In December 2019 we joined The Valuable 500, an international initiative to promote the participation of people with disabilities in business. In December 2020, applicable regions were expanded to a global scale.

Demonstration experiment using IOWN technology

We built a network for demonstration experiments between the Musashino R&D Center and the Avatar Robot Cafe DAWN ver.β. With the cooperation of NTT Claruty, we conducted experiments in which people with disabilities operated the avatar robot OriHime-D, and performed service work at the cafe.

OriHime-D used a demonstration experiment network (demonstration experiment OriHime-D) to allow the operator to control the robot in real time, enabling it to move forward and change direction continuously and very smoothly.

    • 画像

    • 画像

Art Contest

We held the "NTT Art Contest Depicting our 'Connections'" (August 24 to October 20) for people with disabilities, which had some 200 works of art submitted from Japan and overseas. The contest was held as part of initiatives aimed at promoting activities for people with disabilities based on the concept of "Showcasing individuality with the power of art--Disability or not, everyone can make the world brighter." An award ceremony was held at the Avatar Robot Cafe DAWN ver.β on December 3, which is International Day of Disabled Persons.

With well-being classes being taught at elementary schools and the ongoing lifestyles changes from the shift to remote learning, there is a particular need to focus on the well-being of children.

NTT combined Or iHime and well-being related research knowledge, and ran courses for elementary school children looking to boost their sensitivity to well-being, as part of efforts to have children discover that ICT can be used as a tool to enhance well-being.

(Picture) Well-being journey drawn by students
(Cooperation: Nitobebunka Elementary School)

Business Activity 26
Support for balancing work and life such as childcare and nursing care

Our commitment

As a leader in digital transformation, we will act and contribute to helping resolve the social challenges unique to each country For example, the aging population, proper education, equitable healthcare, regional economic development, and long-term value through technology for the next generations

Our objective


Ratio of male employees taking time off for childrearing

Childcare and Nursing Care Support Systems

Amid ongoing changes in employees' needs concerning health, childcare, and nursing care, in 2018 we conducted a major review of our benefit program menu to prepare environments even more conducive to work, and enhanced our childcare and nursing care support menu as the NTT Benefit Package. Specifically, we introduced a Childcare Concierge to support childcare placement in employees' areas of residence, and greatly enhanced services such as childcare subsidies. For nursing care, we also established a Nursing Care Concierge for consultations on nursing care, including matching of care managers.

We use Tomonin a symbol created by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to promote the establishment of working environments that allow the balancing of work and nursing care. NTT uses the symbol to publicize its initiatives and develop a workplace environment that enables employees to balance work and nursing care.

Initiatives for Balancing Work with Nursing Care

Looking ahead to the coming age of major nursing care needs, our Group companies organize nursing care study sessions and other events aimed at creating an environment that enables their employees to balance work with nursing care commitments. With many interested employees participating in these events, we plan to continue providing such opportunities.

Encouraging Employees to Take Various Types of Leave

In an effort to achieve an even better work-life balance for each and every employee, the NTT Group is creating an encouraging environment conducive to taking various forms of paid leave, by encourage employees to take long vacations by combining paid leave with long major holidays such as Golden Week holidays, end-of year and New Year holidays, and summer vacation.

Initiatives for Balancing Work with Childcare

The NTT Group has established a childcare and nursing care web site with information about the programs and how to use them, and also the experiences of employees who balance childcare and nursing care. In addition, we hold seminars for childcare leave and for people returning to work, hold talks with employees before childbirth and after parental leave, and establish nurseries in workplaces.

NTT has set a target for having 100% of male employees take paid leave for childrearing by fiscal 2022, and starting from fiscal 2021, NTT has been holding seminars to encourage employees to participate in childrearing, with panel discussions featuring explanations of the system and talks by employees who took time off, to create a workplace culture that encourages childrearing.

We are committed to creating systems and work environments where employees feel free to take time off for childrearing.