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May 24, 2024

One of the most traditional and prestigious automobile races in the world,
with over 100 years of history

Since 2019, the NTT Group has been the title sponsor of the INDYCAR SERIES.

In conjunction with this, NTT has been innovating the INDYCAR SERIES as the official technology partner, as well as enhancing the INDYCAR mobile app functions and using the smart platform, which NTT is developing, for the races and circuits.

Race highlights
An oval course at max speed of 380 km/h

Racers compete in 17 races over a span of one year in three distinct course types: oval course, street course, and road course.

It's known for emphasizing the aspects of race itself such as through the following features: a rolling start, in which the race starts with the cars running in a grid-ordered formation; a push-to-pass (P2P) that allows drivers to discretionarily try to pass opponents by temporarily increasing the horsepower; car bodies are uniform across all teams; and engine difference between teams is smaller compared to F1 due to engine rules. It's the first motor sport*1 that uses bio ethanol fuel, and it plans to use hybrid engines starting in the 2023 season. It also takes sustainability initiatives.

※1 85% bioethanol + 15% unleaded gasoline