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November 6, 2018

Notice regarding Stock Repurchases (Under the Provisions of NTT's Articles of Incorporation pursuant to Paragraph 2, Article 165 of the Companies Act of Japan)

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation ("NTT") hereby announces that, at a meeting of its Board of Directors held today, NTT authorized repurchases of shares of its common stock pursuant to Article 156 of the Companies Act of Japan (the "Companies Act"), as applied pursuant to Paragraph 3, Article 165 of the Companies Act, as described below.

1.Reasons for Stock Repurchases:

To improve capital efficiency and enhance shareholder returns.

2.Details of Repurchases:

(1) Total number of shares to be repurchased Up to 36 million shares of common stock
(Ratio to the number of outstanding shares*: 1.85%)
(2) Aggregate repurchase amount Up to 150 billion yen
(3) Period of repurchases November 7, 2018 ~ March 29, 2019
(4) Method of repurchases Through the Tokyo Stock Exchange Trading Network Off-Auction Own Share Repurchase Trading System (ToSTNeT-3) and market trading transactions on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Planned)

(For reference) Number of shares of treasury stock (as of September 30, 2018)

Number of outstanding shares* 1,950,394,470 shares
Number of shares of treasury stock 113,215 shares
*Excluding shares of treasury stock.

For further inquiries, please contact:

Takumi Matsumoto or Takayuki Kimura

Investor Relations Office
Finance and Accounting Department
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
Phone: +81-3-6838-5481

Information is current as of the date of issue of the individual press release.
Please be advised that information may be outdated after that point.