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March 31, 2015

New article

Launch and Call for participants of a Collaborative and Hands-on API Environment "Atelier N", where Business Partners can Try to Use Various Functions

- Aiming to support a variety of market players to create new services as a "Value Partner (Value Added Enabler)" -

NTT R&D launched a collaborative and hands-on API environment "Atelier N" on April 1, 2015, where service players can try to use various functions. We call for business partners who participate in "Atelier N" as service developers and function providers.


The "Atelier N" experimentally exposes functions provided by NTT R&D and collaborative partners through APIs. By using those APIs, business partners can try to develop prototypes of service applications and present PoC demonstrations. As of April 1, 2015, "Call Control API" and "Contact Center API" are available in "Atelier N". Hereinafter, we plan to add various kinds of APIs to use functions provided by NTT R&D and collaborative partners. In addition, we will realize various mechanisms to support service developers.

Atelier N

Through "Atelier N", we try to develop partnership with a variety of market players and aim to support them to create new services as a "Value Partner (Value Added Enabler)".

Available APIs (as of April 2015)

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Name of APIs Overview Function Providers
Call Control API "Call Control API" realizes integration between web technologies and telephone features.
For example, click-to-call on your website and call notification to web services are realized.
Tropo, Inc.
Contact Center API Basic features of contact center are available through "Contact Center API".
This enables web collaboration and feature expansion combining various APIs.
NTT Software Corporation
More APIs will be added

* Participants in "Atelier N" CANNOT provide a commercial service using APIs provided by "Atelier N".

Call for Participants

We are seeking business partners who participate in "Atelier N" as (A) service developers and (B) function providers.


To participate in "Atelier N", you can inquiry on the below website of "Atelier N".

- Website of "Atelier N":

- Participation fee: Free

Examples of Business Partners as Service Developers (as of April 2015)

  • Unified Service Corporation
    Unified Service Corporation is an application developer and creates CRM and business support services which enable integration between Web technologies and telephone features. It utilizes a cloud-based call application by Speak2Leads, Inc. and a cloud CRM service by, Inc.
  • TMA Solutions
    TMA Solutions is an application developer and creates contact center services which utilize WebRTC technologies and text-chat features.

Contact information

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
Information Network Laboratory Group
Planning Department, Public Relations Section
TEL: 0422-59-3663

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