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November 19, 2018

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NTT joins Akraino to accelerate edge computing strategy

NTT has joined an open source project "Akraino" for edge computing systems and applications under The Linux Foundation *1

Akraino integrates open source software (OSS) into a whole platform optimized for edge computing*2. The Akraino Edge Stack is designed to meet the requirements of edge cloud infrastructure for enterprise edge, OTT edge, and carrier edge networks. It will support a broad range of Telco, Enterprise, and Industrial Edge uses, focused on creating blueprints with CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) that will consist of validated hardware and software configurations against a defined use and performance specifications.

Our aim is to ensure the acceleration of the edge computing strategy, digital transformation through R&D and collaborative development within the Akraino project.

About Akraino (Launch in New Window)

  1. A nonprofit organization founded in 2000 involved in promoting technology development and commercial use of OSS projects. Hundreds of companies from every part of the world have become members.
  2. A concept to realize distribution of functions and processes and various new services by processing data with facilities close to terminal devices in addition to terminal devices and clouds

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