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What is IOWN concept

An abbreviation for the Innovative Optical and Wireless Network (IOWN), this concept is a step for achieving a Smart World through the fusion of photonics-electronics convergence technology and three core elements--an All-Photonics Network, Digital Twin Computing, and Cognitive Foundation.

All-photonics network (APN) for achieving the IOWN concept

This is the core concept that delivers a stable, high-capacity communications network with computing capacity that exceeds the performance of conventional computing technologies and networks, with lower power consumption and overcoming communication latency issues.

All-photonics network (APN) for achieving the IOWN concept

Going forward, the goal is to implement use cases raised at the IOWN Global Forum by demonstrating conceptual use cases among a wide range of companies and organizations.

Area management

Capable of high-speed processing of data generated from the large number of cameras and other sensors installed around the venue, together with low power consumption

Smart mobility

Automation of logistics within a venue by using automatically driven vehicles, transportation robots, drones, and more

Live entertainment

Achieves live entertainment that brings together live venues, remote venues and the audience