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Organization for Implementation

In November, the NTT Group moved to a new organizational structure by establishing the "Sustainability Committee" under the Board of Directors, chaired by the Chief Executive Officer. The committee reviews and discusses strategies concerning sustainability, the status of implementation of activities, and information disclosure, and implements relevant initiatives. The Sustainability Committee includes the Corporate Ethics Committee, Human Rights Committee, and Green Innovation Committee to handle the individual topics relevant to each sub-committee. Efforts toward sustainability throughout the entire group are also implemented by holding Group Sustainability Committee meetings (with senior executive vice presidents of major group companies). The meetings are for sharing common challenges and examples of success from each Group company, and for monitoring progress on sustainability implementation with respect to PDCA cycles and further promoting a sense of unity throughout the group.

(1) Evaluation

The viability, effectiveness, and progress of measures are checked every year by employing the PDCA cycle to review and expand the focus of activities. Attainment levels are also linked to the evaluation standards of directors.

(2) Disclosures

Internal conferences involving global group companies are held for reporting the results of efforts and facilitating dialogue, which are then disclosed on the website and in sustainability reports. The impact of climate change risks and revenue opportunities on business activities and revenue are disclosed in accordance with TCFD, an international framework created to develop such disclosures.

(3) Dialogue with Third Parties

Each process involves dialogue with experts and other third parties, with a PDCA cycle used to obtain evaluations from third parties for reviewing and expanding the focus of activities as needed.

New Organizational Structure (from November 10, 2021)

New Organizational Structure(from November 10, 2021)