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Toward a future that ensures the positive coexistence of nature and humanity

Climate change and other environmental issues are increasing in severity every year causing greater social and economic damage as natural disasters become more frequent and widespread. The NTT Group is "moving toward a decarbonized society," "implementing closed loop recycling" and achieving "a future where people and nature are in harmony" as part of its goals for "ensuring the positive coexistence of nature and humanity," and is analyzing the underlying reasons behind each issue in order to take the required action.


Basic Policy and Action Guidelines

Basic Policy
The NTT Group is committed to achieving a new level of prosperity where humanity can coexist and preserve nature for generations to come. To this end, we will work to balance solving ecological problems and improving economic development by reducing the environmental impact of our business activities and creating new technologies and innovations.
Action Guidelines
  1. 1. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
    The NTT Group is committed to initiatives that reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout its business activities and society as a whole, by rolling out IOWN technology, increasing development and use of renewable energy sources, and providing services that contribute to carbon neutrality.
  2. 2. A commitment to resource recycling
    We will shift from a one-time use consumption-oriented company to a recycling-oriented one. We will promote the effective use of resources throughout the entire life cycle of products and systems, from procurement to use and disposal.
  3. 3. Conserving ecosystems
    Through our business and employee activities, we will promote initiatives related to conserving ecosystems within nature.
  4. 4. Compliance with laws and regulations and fulfillment of social responsibilities
    We comply with the laws and regulations related to environmental issues in each country and region, and act with high ethical standards.
  5. 5. Establishing and maintaining environmental management systems
    We will establish the Green Innovation Committee chaired by the Representative Director and Senior Executive Vice President, and discuss basic strategies concerning environmental issues, the status of implementation of activities, and information disclosure, and implement relevant initiatives.
  6. 6. Stakeholder engagement
    We will engage with stakeholders throughout our entire value chain to help resolve environmental issues.

Disseminating Environmental Activities Policies and Measures among Employees

NTT Group conducts environmental education to disseminate NTT Group policies and measures among employees and develop a shared understanding of Group-wide activities for promoting environmental protection. In fiscal 2021, we also provided training related to the Group's environmental activities for all employees, such as group training and e-learning. The NTT Environmental Protection Office organizes environmental education for staff in charge of environmental issues at each Group company and has been holding study sessions every year since fiscal 2001. Along with lectures for disseminating our environmental policies and sharing outstanding issues, we invite outside lecturers to speak on recent topics. These study sessions are intended for the NTT Group throughout Japan and are therefore offered via a teleconferencing system so that staff in remote areas can attend and ask questions through twoway connections. This paperless approach is also another way the NTT Group is helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions resulting from holding meetings.

In fiscal 2021, we invited experts on environmental management and CSR to explain the SDGs and ESG and to speak about environmental management. Furthermore, related staff in Group companies introduced their environmental initiatives with the aim of promoting environmental activities at each Group company.

Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations

The NTT Group complies with laws and regulations related to the environment and works to reduce its impacts on the environment. We have established a mechanism that can deal with cases of legal violations on a Group-wide basis by reporting to the Global Environmental Protection Promotion Committee. There were no legal violations nor payments of penalties in fiscal 2021, following the same result for fiscal 2020. As part of its environmental management measures, the Group also tracks the number of complaints related to the environment for each fiscal year.

In fiscal 2021, no complaints related to environmental impact were submitted, handled or resolved through our systems for dealing with complaints. Going forward, we will maintain compliance with existing laws and regulations as well as set up a working group on environmental laws and regulations to help step up our preparations for complying with laws and regulations under review or scheduled to take effect.