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Maximizing well-being for all

The NTT Group revised its existing Human Rights Charter and established the new NTT Group Human Rights Policy in November 2021 applying business activities internally and externally for addressing international practices. There has been a growing awareness of various issues related to human rights both in Japan and overseas, and the responsibility of companies has become more important than ever. Creating and coexisting with a society that recognizes diverse cultures and understands different values is vital for maximizing well-being. This means understanding and accepting differences, and being inclusive.
The key to this approach is taking an altruistic stance. In essence, it is respecting human rights based on the concept of altruistic coexistence (people seek to increase their happiness along with the happiness of others). Adopting this approach will lead to maximizing the well-being of everyone. With this in mind, we aim to ensure that each and every one of our 320,000 employees can perform to the best of their abilities and that no human rights violations occur across the entire value chain. The management team will take the lead in respecting the human rights of all stakeholders, and reviewing and improving our operations whenever necessary, and reflecting them to ensure our business activities fulfill the goal in creating a corporate culture that respects human rights.