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March 13, 2021

To Spark Innovation, and Strengthen and Grow its Capabilities, We Unearth and Empower "Talent" All Over the World Through our Business


Relevant SDGs







Driving innovation by unearthing and developing talent from across the globe

The Spanish company everis provides major clients with comprehensive IT services ranging from consulting to system integration and outsourcing, and as part of this it engages in cultivating "talent as a driver of progress." Based on its philosophy that "talent transforms society," everis established the everis foundation in 2001 to return to society the talent it acquired and to produce a sustainable future. The foundation acts as an engine for unearthing and encouraging talent in countries in which everis does business and leverages everis' capabilities for projects involving education, science, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.


Supporting the entrepreneurs who are transforming society through an awards program and other measures

Even within the everis foundation's varied activities, the everis Awards program is a large-scale endeavor. The awards unearth original, technology-related projects that are transforming society and supports them on the road to success by commending the most exceptional ideas and business projects out of those entered. Entries are accepted in the three categories - "new business models in the digital economy," "industrial and energy technologies," and "biotechnology and health."

1,264 projects from 24 countries were entered into the 2017 everis Awards, and a Spanish project based on new ways of transportation (Hyperloop) won the most prestigious Global Award. Another project from Colombia received a special mention, while 13 projects won individual Country Awards. Award winners received prize money as a contribution toward development and commercialization costs.

Starting with the everis Awards, the everis foundation continues to cultivate social and entrepreneurial spirit within everis Group employees around the world. In 2017 everis foundation launched the Intrapreneurship Social Awards with the participation of more than 25 projects in Spain from everis employees. The winner received mentoring and an internship in NTT Data. Furthermore, everis foundation drives the Teaming (crowdfunding platform):as of 2017, it had participated in over 7,834 projects, contributing a total of 8,109,417 Euros.

  • Award 2017 Award 2017

  • And accésit 2017 And accésit 2017

Developing activities aimed at enhancing education and closing the gender gap

In addition to supporting entrepreneurs, the foundation is unearthing and developing innovation potential through a variety of activities including operating a crowd-funding platform, providing support for STEM*-related skills development in children, and providing teenaged girls with personal networks aimed at closing the gender gap.

Going forward, the everis foundation plans to further consolidate its activities platform in Europe and Central and South America. It will also encourages even more everis employees to participate as it grows in scale.

STEM: an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics mainly used in the field of education.

Members of the Púlsar Program for teenaged girls in Spain Members of the Púlsar Program for teenaged girls in Spain