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Procurement for a Sustainable Society

Procurement Policies

    NTT Group has established the "NTT Group Global Sustainability Charter" and is conducting initiatives to achieve both "growth as corporations" and "solving societal issues," in order to realize a "sustainable society." Modern supply chains are rapidly becoming more global and complex, and it has become critical issue for us to respond to global problems involving human rights, ethics, the environment, disasters, pandemics, and security. In response to these issues, NTT Group intends to contribute independently and proactively to the realization of a sustainable society. We will do this by deepening mutual understanding and building relationships of trust with all suppliers that comprise our supply chain. Furthermore, we will continue to work with all our suppliers toward building and maintaining a safe and secure supply chain, including protecting human rights and conserving the global environment, based on our high ethical standards. 
    Therefore, we will implement procurement based on the following procurement policy.

  1. NTT will strive to provide competitive opportunities with fairness to both domestic and foreign suppliers, and to build mutual trust and understanding.
  2. NTT will conduct economically rational procurement of competitive goods and services that meet its business needs, deciding suppliers based on quality, price, delivery times and stable supply in a comprehensive manner.
  3. NTT will contribute to realizing a sustainable society by doing procurement with an emphasis on human rights, the environment, safety, and other critical issues, in compliance with laws and social norms.

About the Declaration of Partnership Building
 Through the declaration of partnership, NTT will promote cooperation and coexistence and co-prosperity with its suppliers in the supply chain and with businesses seeking to create value.