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Internal carbon pricing in procurement

 In order to achieve carbon neutrality, NTT Group companies gradually introduces an internal carbon pricing system, which reduces the environmental impact of CO2 emissions by calculating costs virtually.
 In procurement, depending on the project, CO2 emission costs will be calculated by internal carbon pricing and added to the proposed product price for evaluation, so we ask for your cooperation in presenting power consumption (rated power) values.

 CO2 emission costs = Power consumption×Product usage rate×Usage period×CO2 emission coefficient
   ×Internal carbon price×Number of units

  ・Product usage rate[%]: Annual usage rate based on 100% of 24/7 usage
  ・Usage period[Year]: Anticipated product use period
  ・CO2 emission coefficient[t-CO2]: Emission factors by electric utility of the Environment Government of Japan)
  ・Internal carbon price[JPY/t-CO2]: 6,500JPY/t-CO2


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