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Privacy Policy
Joint use of information relating to procurement business partners

NTT Group companies may share and jointly use personal information and other information of business partners collected through NTT Group companies as master data in the systems of NTT Group for the purpose of effective management of information relating to business partners etc., and to effectively and appropriately sign contracts, execution of contracts and payments for procurement-related transactions.

  1. Items of personal information that may be shared
    [In case of cooperate business partners]
    1. ·Company name, business address, name of the person in charge, and contact information (telephone number and e-mail address), bank transfer information of procurement-related transactions
    [In case of sole proprietor business partners]
    1. ·Company name of the solo proprietorship (including the name of the owner), contact details (phone number, email address), address, bank account details of procurement-related transactions
    2. *"Business partners" includes those who have provided a quotation for the purpose of initiating business but did not reach to an agreement
  2. Scope of parties with whom we may share the use of information
    NTT Holdings
  3. Purpose of use of parties with whom we share information
    1. ·In order to effectively and appropriately conclude contracts, execute contracts and make payments etc., for procurement-related transactions
  4. Name, address, and representative of the party responsible for management of personal information
    Nippon Telephone and Telegraph Corporation
    Please refer to corporate data for address and name
  5. Acquisition method
    Collecting data by paper, and electronic and electromagnetic methods, etc.