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August 30, 2023


New NTT Survey: Social Sustainability Boosts Enterprise Revenue an Average of $710 Million
NTT provides actionable insights for executives seeking benefits experienced by social sustainability leaders

Tokyo — Aug. 29, 2023 — Large enterprises investing in social sustainability see an average increase in revenue of $710 million according to a new study commissioned by NTT CorporationOpen other window (President and CEO: Akira Shimada, "NTT"). The study, conducted in collaboration with ThoughtLabOpen other window, also reveals that leading firms in social sustainability see an 11.4% increase in employee productivity and unlock approximately $675 billion in gross domestic product (GDP) across eight countries and five industries.

The published report, The Business Case for Social SustainabilityOpen other window, provides a roadmap designed to help businesses maximize the value of their social sustainability investments.

Study Highlights

The international survey comprised 250 senior executives from global organizations earning over $1 billion in revenue. The organizations were divided into three categories (Beginner/Intermediate /Advanced) based on an analytical framework that measured progress against 10 key initiatives in social sustainability. Key survey findings include:

  • 40% of companies integrate social sustainability goals and enforce supplier compliance.
  • All categories of companies report an average 8% revenue increase and 10% productivity increase from social sustainability initiatives.
  • Advanced social sustainability leaders experience nearly a 10% revenue increase.
  • Over 50% of social sustainability leaders expect increased revenue and profitability in the next two years.
  • 62% of companies plan to increase social sustainability spending by an average of 6%.

"Now more than ever, businesses are hearing demands from across the value chain for forward-thinking, inclusive and socially impactful operations," said NTT's Kaoru Asakura, vice president, head of Sustainability Office, Corporate Strategy Planning Department. "This study proves that investment in social sustainability is in the interest of both businesses and the broader society. This is why NTT has set its mid-term strategy with a focus on Innovating a Sustainable Future for People and the Planet."

Building a Socially Sustainable Enterprise

Social sustainability investment builds trust in companies' brands and improves credibility. The most successful companies surveyed spent around $20 million on their social sustainability initiatives in the last year, tracking success from procurement to investment decision making.

Based on survey findings, NTT and ThoughtLab created a framework of actions, with additional details in the report, for organizations wanting to improve social sustainability efforts, including:

  1. 1. Understand and communicate the business case for social sustainability.
  2. 2. Build the foundation for social sustainability excellence.
  3. 3. Extend social sustainability across the supply chain.
  4. 4. Build partnerships to deliver on common goals and multiply results.
  5. 5. Harness digital technologies to drive sustainability results.

Role of Technology Across Industries

The survey also found that business leaders in social sustainability employ more technologies than less advanced firms across a range of uses. Additionally, leading enterprises are more widely adopting advanced technologies, such as the cloud, smart sensors, advanced analytics for hazards and diversity, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and artificial intelligence (AI).

The survey aligns with NTT's Innovation for a Sustainable Future program which showcases the positive impact of technology, digital transformation, and R&D in achieving sustainability and social benefits. The program aims to empower organizations of all sizes to contribute to long-term sustainability for nature, wellbeing and prosperity.

To access the full report, The Business Case for Social Sustainability, please visit: other window

For more information about NTT and sustainability, please visit: other window.

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