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NTT Laboratories (R&D)

NTT Laboratories (R&D)

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Information on graduate recruitment Information on graduate recruitment at NTT Laboratories (R&D) Open new window

Get involved in changing the world

By realizing the ideas that you have created and ideas that you have thought about, you can bring significant changes to the world.
This is not just a dream; it can be made into reality.
This is the kind of work we do at NTT Laboratories.
The best researchers from top-tier academic institutions around the world and from companies that influence global ICT trends all excel in their work,
and we strive to compete with these researchers in cutting-edge fields.
Amaze the world as you seek to fundamentally transform it.
Pave the way to a more wonderful future.
It is your turn to get involved in changing the world.

Details of business NTT Laboratories is affiliated with NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE CORPORATION, the holding company of NTT Group that develops overall business strategies for its over 900 Group companies. As such, we can take a bird's-eye view of the Group as a whole and promote a full array of initiatives, ranging from research for the future to the launch of commercial services in cooperation with other subsidiaries. NTT Laboratories is one of the best organizations in the world in terms of size and technology.
Although you may associate a "laboratory" with an institute dedicated to basic research with a look into the future, we actually have another important role in taking the fruits of this research and shaping them into commercial services. For example, we conduct a broad spectrum of research and development, ranging from basic research to the development and launch of an extensive array of technologies, such as safe and secure networks, implementations of secure cloud platforms that use these networks, and innovative ICT service technologies to be run on these platforms.


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Information on graduate recruitment Information on graduate recruitment at NTT EAST Open new window

The world has changed, and our everyday lives have changed too.
Even so, we can still connect with each other thanks to telecommunications.
This is not just about interpersonal communications.
By connecting everything within the world,
we will create entirely new values.
There is no correct answer in our new normal.
As such, you are free to combine anything
and create anything you wish.
Unite things that had never seen each other previously.
Create something that you have never been able to imagine before.
Work to support the present together, and think about the future.

A future that would not exist, were it not for you.

Connect and create.

Details of business

We transform business and lifestyles and realize a safe and secure society through the development and sale of new services that utilize state-of-the-art ICT technologies, the construction and operation of telecommunication lines and backbone networks, and the development and promotion of NTT EAST Group's business strategies.

<Fields where employees play active roles>

  • Consulting sales
    Proposing optimal solutions to a wide range of business challenges and needs that customer companies and public organizations have, while operating as their partner in business transformation
  • System engineers
    Collaborating with consulting sales representatives to provide technical support and project management for implementing services and systems by making full use of their ICT expertise
  • Account sales
    Advising sales partners on sales methods and promotion measures that can expand sales effectively
  • Teleadvisors
    Identifying customer needs quickly and proposing optimal services and solutions at the contact center, NTT EAST's general point of contact
  • Marketing
    Working with sole responsibility in determining sales targets, developing sales strategies, and planning promotion measures, aiming to increase revenue in a wide range of areas
  • Collaboration business promotion
    Approaching many different of domestic and overseas industries to find collaboration partners, thereby launching new businesses that fuse the strength of both NTT EAST and collaboration partners
  • Service development
    Gathering together not only our technologies, but also all technologies around the world, to plan and develop new services that will transform people's work and lifestyles
  • Research and development
    Researching state-of-the-art technologies developed by NTT Laboratories, domestic and overseas universities, and manufacturers, and taking charge in planning, developing, and verifying next-generation communications
  • Network planning
    In addition to forecasting service demand, seeking to envision the future of society in general and taking charge in developing strategies for investments in telecommunications network equipment, as well as discussing ambitious plans, and engaging in design and construction
  • Service management
    Monitoring telecommunications networks at all hours throughout the year and protecting the safety, security, and reliability of telecommunications services through troubleshooting and daily operation-and-maintenance to prevent issues before they occur
  • Digital strategies
    Creating new businesses by combining state-of-the-art digital technologies with NTT EAST's strengths, and by driving digital transformation for both us and our customers
  • Corporate staff
    Steering NTT EAST Group as a whole by supporting business operations in business planning, financial, and legal departments in coordination not only with other internal departments, but also with related government agencies, other companies, and Group companies


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Information on graduate recruitment Information on graduate recruitment at NTT WEST Open new window

The present day we live in is the future that extends from the past
several years behind us.
Compared to this past, we enjoy much more convenient,
pleasing, and surprising things.
The present exists because people kept creating in faith that
this moment would come someday.

Do you simply wait for the future to come to you?
NTT WEST Group wants to create the future.
Rather than waiting for an amazing future to arrive,
we want to create the future and surprise everyone with it.

To this end, the entire Group unites itself
and moves forward with the power of telecommunications,
while tackling a wide range of local issues in different areas
and striving to support telecommunications that are essential in future life.

We are not sure whether we can realize every aspect of the future that we imagine.
However, we know that we will never see this future without our imagination.
What do you want to do to create a future that amazes everyone?

A future that will amaze everyone.

Details of business
  • Solution business
    We propose telecommunication network environments and provide a wide range of ICT solutions that combine new technologies and systems from the inside and outside of the company in order to solve the different issues that companies, municipalities, and other customers have.
  • Business in new domains
    We are creating a richer and more convenient society through business in content such as electronic comics and internet radio; business that aligns with social trends outside of telecommunications, such as in energy; and business that utilizes NTT WEST's assets, such as real estate and data centers.
  • Fiber-optic service business
    We promote the Hikari Collaboration Model, which is built upon a fiber-optic network and powered by an alliance with many companies and organizations, in order to create added-values that are consistent with social trends and consumer needs.
  • Telecommunications infrastructure
    We support people's lives by designing, building, maintaining, and operating an advanced network formed as a lifeline utility. In addition, we develop platforms and systems to enable new services by utilizing state-of-the-art technologies such as AI and IoT.
NTT Communications

NTT Communications

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Information on graduate recruitment Information on graduate recruitment at NTT Communications Open new window

COMMUNICATION RUNNERS: Get involved in connecting the future

As a leading ICT company, we provide cutting-edge ICT solutions and realize a new future by connecting a diverse range of information and people. We aim to realize a DX initiative that helps customers create businesses and bolster their competitiveness by accumulating and utilizing a broad selection of data as well as a "Smart World" where various social issues are solved by utilizing ICT. Why not imagine a future together with us to pass down to the next generation?

Details of business

Our mission is to create a new future in a Smart World, by expanding new possibilities for society using ICT-based communications and by linking information and people from many different areas.

<Key services>

  • Cloud platforms
    Private and public cloud services, data center services
  • Data networks
    Closed and open network services, mobile/remote access services
  • Voice communications
    Telephone services, VoIP services, global conference services
  • Applications & content
    Application services, content and EC services, marketing solution services
  • Solutions
    Managed ICT services, managed security services, cloud migration services
  • Others
  • AI services, IoT services


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Information on graduate recruitment Information on graduate recruitment at NTT DATA Open new window

Unchanging beliefs that change the world.

The world has changed drastically over the 30 years since NTT DATA was founded. The company has also changed itself, growing to a global corporation with sales of 2 trillion yen.
In 2018, we established our new "Trusted Global Innovator" vision. However, our corporate philosophy remains unchanged ever since our founding: "NTT DATA Group uses information technology to create new paradigms and values, which help contribute to a more affluent and harmonious society."
Going forward, NTT DATA will continue to change the world under its beliefs that have remained unchanged since its foundation.

Details of business
  • System integration
    Building systems to suit individual customer needs
  • Network system services
    Providing a wealth of information and information processing functions through networks such as the Internet
  • Others
    Providing consulting services that precisely identify customers' business challenges and using our wealth of knowledge in large-scale systems to offer system support services, as well as proposing new business models that utilize IT


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Information on graduate recruitment Information on graduate recruitment at NTT DOCOMO Open new window

Cultivate and exercise your desire for challenges

and your dynamic nature with DOCOMO.

DOCOMO's mission is to make connections.
Twenty-seven years ago, we first worked to connect the distance between people through cell phones.
Cell phones are commonplace today, but they were a breakthrough back then, as they linked people who wanted to talk to each other--anytime, anywhere.

Cell phones fit in the palm of our hand, but they have expanded our possibilities by connecting to everything, such as the Internet, our wallets, and our entertainment.
For DOCOMO, they are a means of connecting.
We have begun entering other areas for creating new values by "connecting," such as in agriculture, healthcare, and transportation.
Going forward, DOCOMO will make significant changes to every aspect of industry, culture, and society by innovating 5G, AI, and device technologies.

We overcame numerous barriers through efforts to create something new in the world.
If we give up at these hurdles, we cannot create new connections or the next normal.
If an issue arises, we need a desire for challenges and a dynamic nature to believe in the future and ourselves and to overcome that issue without giving up.

By "desire for challenges," we mean a state of mind where you enjoy changes at the forefront of technological innovations and attempt to create a world with a new communication culture. This is a difficult problem, and has no immediate answer.
A "dynamic nature" means having the power to take action to realize the kind of world that you imagine and carry out work to accomplish this to the end.

DOCOMO boasts an environment that provides excellent support and an unlimited wealth of experience to foster these a desire for challenges and a dynamic nature with care to help people realize their dreams for the future.

Maybe you want to support Japan and the world.
Maybe you want to create new norms for the future.
Maybe you want to create something new and unknown.
There is more than one way to dream.
DOCOMO is here to help you take a strong step toward your dream.

Leap high, leap far, and leap big.
We look forward to meeting applicants who are brimming with enthusiasm.

Details of business

We aim to create a world with a new communication culture by providing telecommunications services that can be used at anytime, anywhere, securely, and comfortably, and we work to develop many forms of businesses in the area of smart life to help support and enrich everyone's lifestyles.

Telecommunications business

  • Key services
    Mobile telecommunications services (5G services, LTE (Xi) services, FOMA services, international services, device sales, etc.)
    Fiber-optic telecommunications services and other telecommunications services (fiber-optic telecommunications services, satellite phone services, etc.)
  • Values to offer
    Realize an energetic and enriched society through the provision of services that help customers' lives and businesses, while focusing on the telecommunications business in mobile and fiber-optic telecommunications services

Smart life business

  • Key services
    Content and lifestyle services ("dTV," "d hits," "d magazine," "d shopping," "d healthcare," etc.)
    Financial and payment services ("d CARD," "d CARD GOLD," "iD," "d Payment," Fintech, etc.)
  • Values to offer
    Driving initiatives to evolve open collaborations with many different partners across the world and providing customers with new added value. Helping to realize an enriched society by linking payment platforms to "d POINT," "d CARD," and other business assets that DOCOMO owns, as well as providing benefits, convenience, and amusements

Corporate services

  • Key services
    Corporate solutions (contracted development, sales, and maintenance of corporate IoT and systems, etc.)
  • Values to offer
    Creating new values by supporting corporate customers with solutions focused on mobile and providing solutions that contribute to spreading services through co-creation with partners and solving social issues


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Information on graduate recruitment Information on graduate recruitment at NTT COMWARE Open new window

Create new futures together.

ICT has drastically changed lifestyles and business styles.
It has demonstrated its potential in many areas, such as accelerating finance, realizing smart energy, and creating completely new AI-based businesses.
ICT is still evolving at a dizzying pace.
We will deliver novel solutions to the many problems found in the world with our technologies, ideas, and imagination.
As a member of NTT Group, we have created an unlimited number of futures, working across industrial boundaries on a scale that only NTT Group can achieve.
Each future is sure to make the world slightly happier.
That is why we continue to tackle challenges and create.
Toward an unlimited number of futures, and toward new futures.

Details of business

■ Support telecommunications infrastructures in Japan in terms of systems ■
「Under the slogan "Connect hearts, deepen social networks," we are developing a total ICT solution business in order to realize a convenient, safe, more enjoyable, warm, and enriched communication society.

We will continue to tackle challenges in order to create new services and expand into new business domains on the basis of our advanced technologies, reliability, and know-how that we have cultivated by supporting telecommunications infrastructures in Japan in terms of systems.
We provide a complete package of ICT solutions, including consulting, system development, and operation and maintenance.

  • Network integration
  • System integration
  • Operation and maintenance
  • System outsourcing
  • Consulting


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Information on graduate recruitment Information on graduate recruitment at NTT FACILITIES Open new window

Technology can change the world with the combination of energy, construction, and ICT!

For over 130 years, NTT FACILITIES (Group) has had sole responsibility in designing telecommunications buildings owned by NTT Group across Japan and in supplying power to relevant telecommunications equipment.
By making full use of the skills we have cultivated in construction and energy, we will contribute to new missions, namely the continuity and development of a wide range of customer businesses and urban development projects.
We make continued efforts to realize a sustainable society with "Smart & Safety," eco-friendliness, and resilience.

Details of business

We build and support telecommunications infrastructure facilities in Japan, ranging from planning, designing, and constructing buildings and electric equipment to maintaining, operating, and taking care of them. We also fuse our technologies and experience in energy and construction at a high level by making full use of cutting-edge ICT.
We provide a broad array of services for energy saving, cost reduction, risk management, and other areas in order to solve a broad range of social issues related to energy, buildings, and the environment.
At present, we provide customers with many different solutions centered on the following main themes:

  • Decarbonization
    We pursue ideal energy saving, energy creation, and recyclable energy, thereby making contributions toward achieving a decarbonized society.
  • Smart building
    We offer solutions for buildings and offices that achieve both environmental friendliness and user-friendly comfort.
  • Facility management
    We help maximize facility performance by helping reduce operational costs for customers' land and buildings, and we strive to increase value from a management perspective.
  • Data center solutions
    Data centers support big data, AI, and IoT. We provide comprehensive assistance in the regular operation of data centers that feature ever-increasing density, with services ranging from construction to maintenance.

We have provided and will continue to provide an infrastructure that supports society through the provision of optimal solutions.
NTT FACILITIES Group aims to realize a sustainable society that embodies the concept of Smart & Safety.

NTT Urban Development

NTT Urban Development

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Information on graduate recruitment Information on graduate recruitment at NTT Urban Development Open new window

Connecting the city, hearts, and the future. Aiming to serve as a partner in community development

Our mission is to weave stories in an enriched city and
bring a healthy future through community development
To this end, as a member of NTT Group, we cooperate
and engage honestly with community residents to promote
community development that utilizes the individualities of the area
We learn the history and culture that the city has established and
propose new lifestyles based on innovative technologies and concepts
We want you to express your personality and talent with us
Passionate coworkers with a desire for challenge are waiting for you

Details of business
  1. Acquiring, developing, selling, and managing real estate
  2. Leasing and brokering of real estate
  3. Designing, building, and supervising buildings, and contracting this work to other companies
  4. Selling and leasing office appliances, telecommunications devices, furniture, fixtures, equipment, and interior decorations for buildings and homes
  5. Constructing and selling houses
  6. Collecting information, managing, surveying, and consulting services for civil engineering and real estate
  7. Operating paid nursing homes and offering in-home nursing and nursing care prevention services pursuant to the Long-Term Care Insurance Act


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Information on graduate recruitment Information on graduate recruitment at NTT FINANCE Open new window

Be the engine for the new generation

NTT FINANCE has a stable foundation and a broad range of business areas unrivaled by our competition, with all employees demonstrating their abilities in different fields in their own way.
We want to continuously operate as a company that continuously meets social needs, creates new services, and supports society. To this end, we need a new driving force to continue tackling challenges passionately and boldly without regard for precedent.
Every one of you has great potential.
Why not express your potential with us?
Be the engine for the new generation--take a leap together with us and the rest of the Group.
We look forward to meeting applicants who are eager to take on new challenges, who wish to create new values for the development of society and for achieving richer lives of people while enjoying their own growth.

Details of business
  1. Billing and collecting fees for telecommunications services etc.
  2. Acting as an agent to collect fees and pay bills as well as to carry out desk work involving calculations for companies
  3. Credit card business
  4. Loaning money, guaranteeing, assuming, and trading debts, factoring, and other financial affairs
  5. Investing in and funding privately held companies and providing debt guarantees and management guidance to them

Evaluation by Society

    • EP100 EV100

      NTT is the first telecommunications operator to become a member of global initiatives to make smarter use of energy, “EP100” and “EV100” (Oct. 2018)

    • CSDE

      Established a council to promote secure digital economy together with multi-national companies

    • FTSE4Good
    • FTSE Blossom Japan